How Do I Make Sure My Dental Evacuation System Performs Optimally?

An effective and optimally performing dental evacuation system is a critical component when it comes to all patient procedures. Learn how to guarantee the stabilization of this system. dentist evaucation system

A dental evacuation system is a specially-designed vacuum system that is centrally located within a practice and directly connected to each operating unit within that practice. It is utilized to ensure that the oral cavities of patients are free from biological debris, such as saliva, blood, bacteria, and water.

This unit operates at a very high velocity, yet at a low amount of pressure. It is also considered to be high volume, in terms of operation. A clogged or improperly running system not only reduces productivity of the practice, but, detrimentally impacts the profits and the client satisfaction levels of the practice.

A good dentist never gets on a patient’s nerves…”Unknown


How Have Dental Practices Ensured Optimal Performance of Evacuation Systems Throughout History?

In the past, dental practices have utilized chemical cleaners that are designed to not foam while in use. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that these cleansing agents leave behind biofilm, which is a type of organic-based waste. This waste then, eventually, blocks up the lines of the evacuation system. As time progresses, failure results and the practitioner is often caught off guard. This is due to the fact that failure of the evacuation system comes with little – to no – warning.

If Chemical Cleaners Are Not Good, What Can I Use to Clean my Evacuation System?

It is best to opt for a dental evacuation system cleaner that utilizes a microbial-based formula to clean lines. Instead of flushing through the lines and only relocating the waste that is within those lines, this type of cleansing agent actually completely gets rid of the waste. In addition to getting rid of all of the waste in lines of evacuation systems, a microbial cleaner will eliminate the need to clean the traps of the unit on a daily basis, and dramatically improves suction. Instead of sloshing the organic waste around, the microbial cleaner actually eats the debris away.

What is the Best Microbial Cleaner for Evacuation Systems?

According to a study that consisted of 23 different consultants and a total of 429 uses in dental practices, the highest rated microbial evacuation system cleaner – with an 88% rating in clinics – is Bio Pure. The microbial formula is specially-designed to completely restore a dental evacuation system’s vacuum lines and optimize the capacity of the pump. It eliminates your practice from having to clean traps on a daily basis and is completely safe for all types of pump equipment. All of the ingredients are 100% natural. When using this product, you will quickly discover that sludge is drastically reduced, lines are cleaner, and the evacuation system operates at the highest capacity.

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