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Aseptico / Anthogyr

Aseptico / Anthogyr

  • Endo Handpieces
  • Surgical Handpieces
  • Surgical Handpieces
  • Implant/Surgical Motors
  • Endodontic Systems
  • Impulsion Dental Implant Handpiece
Aseptico / Anthogyr  (9)
Oral Surgery  (3)
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Aseptico Portable Dental Equipment

Aseptico Portable Dental Equipment

  • Express Portable Dental Unit
  • Taskforce Deluxe Portable Dental Unit
  • Transport II & III Portable Dental Unit
  • Portable Dental Air Compressor
  • Portable Autoclave
  • Portable Dental Chairs
Aseptico Portable Dental Equipment  (7)
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Bio Pure Evacuation System Cleaner

Bio Pure Evacuation System Cleaner

Product Description: Bio-Pure Is GUARANTEED to restore vacuum line suction & eliminate daily trap cleaning! BIO-PURE HAS a Neutral pH (SAFE FOR AMALGAM SEPARATORS) AND ALL PUMP EQUIPEMENT. OUR PROPRIETARY MICROBIAL FORMULA IS 100% ALL NATURAL. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean between uses; chemicals just can't do that. “GO GREEN” - Eliminates Trap Hand Cleaning - Removes Prophy Paste Buildup - Has a Neutral pH & Cleans Between Uses - Non-Foaming Proprietary Formula - No Fillers - 100% All Natural & Safe - Weekly Cost $1.45 Per Operatory - No More Slogging Down During a Busy Day - ADA & EPA - Amalgam Compliant - Recommended by Leading Service Techs

Bio Pure Evacuation System Cleaner  (4)
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Clear Blue LED Curing Light

Clear Blue LED Curing Light Digi 2.0 Model

High power 1,200 mW/cm2 for fast cures • Emits light in the most relevant spectrum of 430-480nm wavelength to efficiently solidify any brand of resin • Three working modes and ability to set exposure times for any clinical protocol • Super-compact, lightweight, and cordless for the ultimate in convenience • Cool and silent; no fan necessary as with halogen lamps • Li-Ion battery with super capacity and no memory effect • Digital Display of working time • Can also be operated with the cord attached for back-up in case of low battery charge. • Latest generation high performance LED • Dual use as either cordless or corded • Digital controls for customized settings • Portable, powerful and practical

Clear Blue LED Curing Light Digi 2.0 Model  (7)
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Ram Lab , Saeshin Operatory & Endo Handpieces and Control Boxes

Ram Lab , Saeshin Operatory & Endo Handpieces and Control Boxes

Browse our complete line of Ram Products including U-Power, Saeshin Operatory, Ram Micromotor Series, Portable, Saeshin Micromotor Series and other Lab Small Equipments needs.

Ram Lab , Saeshin Operatory & Endo Handpieces and Control Boxes  (12)
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Used Refurbished Handpieces

Used Refurbished Handpieces

All of our used and refurbished handpieces come with a 7 day No Risk money back guarantee. If it isn't what you expect, call for a RMA and return it within 7 days for a full refund. This guarantee is on top of our normal warranty that each handpiece will carry. Check each handpiece details for warranty on that instrument.

Sirona Refurbished Handpieces  (3)
Midwest Refurbished Handpieces  (2)
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Dental Turbines for Star, Kavo, Midwest, Lares, Sirona and many more.

Replacement Dental Turbines

6 Month Warranty - Star, Midwest, W&H, Synea, NSK, Kavo, Mk-dent, Canisters and many more. - All of our turbines carry a six month warranty. - Buy with confidence. Should you ever need assistance installing a turbine bought from us-you can call for assistance or send the handpiece to us and we will install it for FREE!

Kavo Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbine  (11)
Lares Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbine  (2)
Midwest Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbines  (7)
Mk-dent Highspeed Dental Turbine  (3)
Sirona Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbines  (5)
Star Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbines  (4)
Synea Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbine  (2)
W&H Highspeed Handpiece Dental Turbine  (2)
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Electric Handpieces

Electric Handpiece System

  • Sirona SiroTorque L+ with BL motor
  • Sirona SiroTorque L+ with BL motor ISO
  • Sirona SiroTorque L with SL motor
  • Complete line of Sirona T1 Classic and T1 ISO E style attachments

Handpiece Experts Torque Power BL Electric Handpiece System

Sirona Electric Handpieces  (19)
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High Speed Handpieces

Air Driven High Speed Handpieces

  • Beyes Direct LED
  • Quest by Lares
  • Sirona
  • Mk-dent
  • Handpiece Experts (Sirona)
  • Challenger
  • Priced from $99.00
Beyes Direct LED Highspeed with Micro Generator  (12)
Quest Handpieces By Lares Research  (12)
Sirona Air Driven Highspeeds  (6)
Mk-dent Prime Line Highspeed Optic Handpieces  (2)
Mk-dent Classic Line Highspeed Handpiece (New Design)  (4)
Mk-dent Basic Line Highspeed Handpiece  (8)
Mk-dent Economy Line Highspeed Handpiece  (6)
Budget Priced Highspeed Handpieces  (4)
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Highspeed Handpiece Quick Connect Couplers

Highspeed Handpiece Quick Connect Couplers for:

  • Kavo
  • Star
  • Sirona
  • Mk-dent
  • Midwest
  • With LED or Xenon Bulbs
Quick Connect Couplers for Kavo, Star, Sirona, Mk-dent and Midwest. Some with Xenon or LED bulbs  (18)
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Low Speed Handpieces

Motors and Attachments

  • Mk-dent Motor and Kavo compatible attachments
  • Star Titan 20,000 & 5,000 RPM Motor Clone. - E-Type Motors
  • Hygienists Handpieces - Sonic Scaler (Titan Compatible)
Mk-dent Low Speed Motor and Attachments  (6)
Star Titan Compatible Replacement Motors & Attachments  (9)
"E" Style Low Speed Motors  (3)
Sonic Scaler and Tips (Titan Compatible)  (5)
Hygienists and Other Motors  (5)
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Motor Attachments

Latch Heads-Nose Cones-Doriot Attachments

  • Star
  • Midwest
  • NSK
  • Doriot
E-Style Attachments  (7)
Implant Angle /Saeshin Operatory Speed Reduction Angles  (4)
Midwest Attachments  (4)
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Lube and Lubrication Units and Accessories

Spray and Drop Lubricants

Lubricant for Kavo QuatroCare

Lubricant for Assistina

Lube Spray Tips

Applicator Tips for Mk-dent and Syntek Lubricants  (9)
Handpiece Lubrication/Flush/Purge Unit  (7)
Lubrication Spray & Lube Drops  (10)
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Replacement Bulbs

Bright Xenon or LED Replacement Bulbs

Brilliant LED Replacement Bulbs  (9)
Xenon  (8)
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Supplies and Accessories

Gaskets-Bur Wrenches

  • Gaskets
  • Bur Wrenches
Bur Wrenches  (5)
Gaskets  (2)
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Meisinger Quality Burs

Catalog and Cross Reference

Because of the huge selection of burs, you must call 1-800-773-0800 to order.

Click here to view the Meisinger bur catalog.

Click here to view the bur and tool cross reference sheet.

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