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Incorporating a Dental Handpiece Maintenance System into Your Practice Offers Many Benefits

As a dental care provider, it is essential that your dental handpieces are in proper working order. Not only does this allow you to perform your daily tasks, it allows patients to receive much-needed treatments to ensure optimal oral health. Maintenance of these dental instruments is of the highest importance. By incorporating a dental handpiece maintenance system into your practice, you will experience numerous benefits.

In order to outline the benefits associated with a dental handpiece maintenance system, we feel it is essential to select a model.

Here we will be placing the spotlight on the Beyes Caremaster Automatic Handpiece Maintenance System.

This is a user-friendly system that is designed to completely clean, purge, and maintain your dental handpieces with the ease of just pushing a single button. Its simple operation and loading process means your practice will use less water, experience less down time, have to repair less, and will enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of increased levels of longevity.

One of the main benefits of having a dental handpiece maintenance system in your practice is that you no longer have to search for a maintenance and/or repair specialist that handles your specific handpieces.

These specially-designed maintenance units are able to be used for nearly every single model and type of dental handpieces currently available on the market.

These include low-speed devices, high-speed units, those with contra-angles, the straight handpieces, the scalers that are air-driven, and even those that contain air motors.

This particular model – just like others currently available on the market – allow you to clean and maintain several dental handpieces at once. This makes it a highly efficient and time-saving device that helps to completely maximize the overall lifespan of your dental instruments.

The system utilizes filtered air to engage in the process of rotating the dental handpieces. The filtration consists of a disposable type of mist that provides a solution level indicator. The door detaches easily, which makes cleaning the device a breeze.

If you require new solution for the system, you can easily replace it with the way that the unit is set up.

Maintaining your dental handpieces is a critical component to the overall success of your practice. By using a maintenance system like the one that is highlighted in this guide, you will find that your dental instruments perform better and last longer.

If you require additional maintenance or repair, we here at Hughes Dental can assist you. You may visit our website for a shipping label and the appropriate repair form. Additionally, you may contact us directly by calling us now.


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