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We recently expounded on the fact that Beyes is a manufacturer of dental appliances that is known for their highly innovative, high-quality products. This company specializes in combining the elements of technology and innovation to create superior tools for the dental industry. Here, we will provide more information on the vast array of groundbreaking products offered by Beyes. Continue reading to discover cutting edge tools for your dental practice. These accessories will not only increase the overall efficiency of your practice, but they will also help in increasing patient satisfaction and your profits!

The Beyes Maxo M200 Surgical 45 Highspeed Handpiece


This specially-designed surgical handpiece includes a water stream-no chip air capability, complete with a rear exhaust system. The head angle is situated at 45 degrees so that dental practitioners experience less strain. Procedures may be done quite quickly as the motor operates at an amazing 400,000 RPMs. A must-have tool for practices seeking to increase their procedure speeds and perform those procedures with the highest level of precision. This is a must-have handpiece accessory for practices looking to improve the quality of their work and increase the satisfaction of their patients.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P M/PD Mini Head with PD Connection


Looking for a convenient, low-noise head for your handpiece? If so, this is for you! This mini head includes a swivel and quick disconnect and has a noise level of only 59 decibels. It includes onboard generator optics with a color temperature or 5,500 k and an intensity of a whopping 25,000. The auto chuck is push button and the torque is a powerful 22 watts. There is a 3-port system for coolant sprays. This amazing device is made complete by ball bearings composed of high-quality ceramics. Combined, all of these unique elements come together to create a fully functional dental accessory that is sure to improve your work and reputation.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800 M/M-4 4 Hole Connection


This mini head has an auto chuck that is activated by a push button, complete with bearings composed of high-grade ceramics. The LED optics rank in at an intensity level of 25,000, making it extremely easy to see clearly during procedures. Complete with 3 special ports for coolant sprays, this head has a small connector that allows you to easily attach to systems already in place at your practice.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P M/N Mini Head NSK Connection

HP3043P_M800P M-N_preview

This 22-watt mini head for handpieces allows you to quickly engage in tasks while the patient is in the chair, without tying up a lot of time. The auto chuck is controlled by an easy access push button and the bearings are completely constructed from ceramic. The torque is extremely powerful, yet the noise level is rated at only 59 decibels. The swivel and the disconnect feature make it easy to make necessary adjustments during procedures. With generator-based optics, this is an ideal handpiece accessory for busy practices.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P M/W Mini Head with W&H/Adec Connection


If your practice is moderately to very busy, this is the connection piece for you! With a high-grade ceramic ball-based bearing and a 3-port cooling spray system, it is easy to move from one handpiece to another with virtually no lost time. The optics utilize LED lighting and are energy efficient. The torque is extremely powerful and the unit has a quick disconnect capability, attached to a swivel base.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P S/M-4 4 Hole Connection


This 4-hole connector to dental handpieces is standard sized for handpieces. The ceramic ball bearings provide it with an amazing power torque that allows you to rapidly complete any in-office procedure. The low noise level is easy on your ears and the ears of your patients. It has a solid lighting color temperature of 5,500k, which is equivalent to natural daylight. The intensity ranks in at 25,000, which allows you to clearly see your work area. With generator LED optics, you just can’t go wrong with this connector.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P S/N Standard Head with NSK Connection


If you utilize NSK dental handpieces in your practice, this connection accessory is for you. The onboard optics are generator-based LED and the torque ranks in at 25 watts. The head is standard sized and includes an auto chuck that is activated by the push of an easily accessible push button. There are 3 included ports for coolant spray and a swivel that includes a quick disconnect feature. The bearings are ball-based and composed of high-quality ceramic.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P S/W Standard Head with W&H/Adec Connection

This standard dental handpiece head is designed to connect to W&H and Adec dental handpieces that are currently available on the market. It is designed in an ergonomic fashion; therefore, reducing the stain on your hands and wrists. The generator-based optics include LED lights and that makes it easy on your eyes, too! The intensity level is 25,000 and exceptionally bright. The ball bearings help provide the power to the torque behind this amazing accessory.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P Standard Head W&H Connection

Looking for a powerful dental handpiece head that will allow you to quickly and easily perform patient procedures? If you are using W&H handpieces in your practice, this is the product you are looking for! The 3-port coolant spray feature provides you with a high level of control and versatility with this dental handpiece connection accessory. Complete with generator optics, this device will allow you a clear field of vision when working with patients. Power, versatility, and high-quality construction makes this one of the highest-rated devices available on the market today.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P-MK Mini Head with Kavo Multiflex Connection


Need a small head for your MK dental handpieces? If so, you are in luck! This connection accessory fits perfectly on this specific handpiece product. It has a high level of functionality that is made possible by the onboard ceramic ball bearings and the high watt torque feature. The coolant spray system consists of 3 different ports for enhanced versatility. The onboard LED optics combined with the quick disconnector system will allow you to work quickly and efficiently.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P-S/ST Mini Head with Star Connection


Utilize Star dental handpieces in your dental practice and require a connection device? This product is for you! The clear, energy efficient LED fiber optics will allow you to have a clear field of vision when working with patients. The color intensity is extremely high and the power torque is absolutely amazing! The quick disconnect will allow you to efficiently switch between your handpiece accessories while working with patients.

The Beyes AirLight Plus M800P-SK Standard Head with Kavo Multiflex Connection


In need of a highly versatile connection for your Kavo dental handpieces? This high-quality product is designed to operate at a high capacity while working with your patients. The swivel base allows you to quickly attach and unattach the connector when the need arises. There are 3 ports readily available for your coolants during procedures. The LED lights include fiber optics that clear your field of vision while working with patients. The low noise level is easy on the ears and helps in soothing your patients during procedures.

Other Beyes Products

In addition to the products that we have outlined here, we have a large assortment of other dental handpieces and accessories that are from the highly valued Beyes manufacturer. If you are in the market for quality, value, and precision, you may review our Beyes product pages today. Upon browsing, you are sure to find products that will help enhance the efficiency and the overall functionality of your dental practice.

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