Bio-Pure Aids in Eliminating Contamination and Optimizing the Functionality of Dental Handpiece Suction Lines

48 KITIf you work with dental handpieces, it is important that you take the steps necessary to ensure that you eliminate any type of bacterial-based contamination from occurring and that the functionality of your suction lines is optimal. According to those that specialize in the maintenance and repair of dental handpieces, the Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner product will aid in all of this, and more! This product will allow you to perform all tasks with ease and with confidence!

The Benefits
In order to truly understand the advantages of using Bio-Pure, we have composed a list of the benefits that have been experienced, according to dental practitioners:

  • Bio-Pure is backed by a 100% guarantee that it will optimize the suction of all vacuum lines associated with the dental handpieces that you use in your practice.
  • Bacteria and enzymes are constantly being introduced to the suction lines in your practice. Bio-Pure will quickly stop bacteria and enzymes in its tracks and will rapidly digest any and all types of organic-based waste that may become lodged in the suction lines.
  • By using Bio-Pure, you will no longer have to perform the hand cleaning of the vacuum line traps; in fact, those that use this product claim that it actually reduces the amount of maintenance that needs to be performed on the traps associated with your dental instruments.
  • Bio-Pure has the unique ability to reduce the amount of Prophy paste that may accumulate in your suction lines. Furthermore, it is designed with a natural composition that will actually clean your vacuum lines in between each use.
  • It is common for suction lines to become clogged and slogging during dental procedures. Bio-Pure actually reduces the opportunity for these activities to occur.
  • The ADA and the EPA has established that this product is Amalgam Compliant.
  • All of the major manufacturers and suppliers of dental equipment and dental handpieces actually recommend Bio-Pure.

When using Bio-Pure, you will find that it is only necessary to put it to work for you about twice each week. The formula is microbial in nature. This means that it is 100% natural, 100% safe, and 100% effective! You may use this product on your dental handpieces and several other of your dental instruments. By putting this product to work for you, you will discover that you experience fewer mechanical bouts with your dental handpieces, spend less money on maintenance, and eliminate costly repairs.

Today, one of the cheapest places to obtain Bio-Pure for your dental practice is Hughes Dental. Not only does this company sell this amazing product, but their certified technicians use it in the maintenance and repair of dental handpieces and other dental instruments that come within their office. If you are ready to save your practice money, have a desire to optimize your practice for patient safety, and want to eliminate having to work with sluggish dental handpieces, you should order Bio-Pure today! To get the best deals, click HERE!

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