Bio-Pure: Get Your Suction Lines Back To Work!

Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner is one of the best products ever created to help every dental practitioner work with utmost confidence and care; to perform procedures to each and every patient without having to worry about bacterial contamination or defective suction lines. Every dental procedure is easy and smooth.

“I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that wants an effective, ‘all natural’ product that saves money on evacuation system expense,”
~ Rochelle Bache, of UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice”

Bio-Pure Is GUARANTEED to restore vacuum line suction & eliminate daily trap cleaning! BIO-PURE HAS a Neutral pH (SAFE FOR AMALGAM SEPARATORS) AND ALL PUMP EQUIPMENT. OUR PROPRIETARY MICROBIAL FORMULA IS 100% ALL NATURAL. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean between uses; chemicals just can’t do that.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! No questions asked!

Bio Pure Evacuation Cleaner Hughes Dental Repair
Bio Pure Evacuation Cleaner –

Bio-Pure Features and Benefits:

  •  Guaranteed to Improve Vacuum Line Suction
  •  Dual bacteria and enzyme action breaks down and digests organic waste
  •  Eliminates Trap Hand Cleaning
  •  Minimizes trap maintenance (4x less often)
  •  Removes Prophy Paste Buildup
  •  Has a Neutral pH & Cleans Between Uses
  •  Non-Foaming Proprietary Formula – No Fillers
  •  100% All Natural & Safe
  •   No More Slogging Down During a Busy Day
  •  ADA & EPA – Amalgam Compliant
  •  Recommended by major vacuum equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner works through a “unique combination of living microbes and enzymes ” that break down, and then digest (eat away) the organic waste that is accumulated within the evacuation system.

Bio-Pure Application or Usage

Used twice a week, Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner maintains clean suction lines with a proprietary microbial formula that continues to clean between uses. 100% Natural, neutral pH formula is safe for all pump equipment including amalgam separators.

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