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Buy Dental Handpieces from a Company that Knows Them Inside Out

buy dental handpieces from a company you can trustAll the equipment and instruments you use in your dental practice are a major investment.

You need to know that the company you buy them from knows their products inside out. You also need an equally knowledgeable company to keep your dental handpieces in good repair.

With Hughes Dental, you have both in one company.

For example, Hughes Dental carries a number of brands of high speed dental handpieces and provides quality repair service for every brand we sell.

Below is a list of the air driven high speed handpieces available for you to purchase.

air driven high speed dental handpiece
  Beyes Direct LED Highspeed with Micro Generator
  Sirona Electric Handpieces
   Sirona Air Driven Highspeeds
   Mk-dent Prime Line Highspeed Optic Handpieces
   Mk-dent Classic Line Handpieces
   Mk-dent Basic Line Highspeed Handpiece
   Mk-dent Economy Line Highspeed Handpiece

Each handpiece listed is sold and serviced by Hughes Dental. This is more than just a convenience. It will save time and money since you only deal with one company for all your dental handpiece repair as well as purchase.

With our experience and knowledge, you can trust our advice on how to clean and maintain all your dental handpieces. Should you have any questions concerning a high speed handpiece you purchased from Hughes Dental, you will get answers you can trust.

Your patients’ comfort and safety is important. Hughes Dental knows this quite well, so when you send a dental handpiece for repair, we take care that it is done efficiently and properly so the piece works flawlessly when it is returned to you.

Of course, you need to be diligent to inspect, clean and keep up with routine maintenance on a regular basis. However, when you send a high speed dental handpiece to Hughes Dental for repair, it will be handled only by certified handpiece repair professionals.

Why risk the comfort and safety of your patients by using a repair service staffed by people who may not be fully qualified to repair such important equipment?

Contact Hughes Dental about all of your dental handpiece needs. If you need to buy high speed handpieces, cleaning products or just about any other dental equipment and related products, visit our Online Store.


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