Dental Care Product Guide – Maintaining and Sterilizing Your High Speed Dental Handpieces

In this dental care product guide, you will learn how to properly maintain and sterilize the high speed dental handpieces in your office. These high-powered dentistry tools should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each and every use to prevent infection and contamination among patients. The following dental care product steps must be taken to […]

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Dental Handpiece Care and Maintenance

A dental handpiece is no doubt one of the most important tool in a dental practice. It is an expensive, non-disposable dental tool that uses state-of-the art technology that is precision-made for quality and efficient application. The handpiece, its replacement parts and handpiece repair can become very expensive if care is not applied to it. […]

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Midwest Shorty Tech Tip

Here is a tech tip for  Midwest Shorty users from Hughes Dental LLC, a  family owned handpiece repair company that has been a trusted repair center for over 17 years.  If the Midwest Shorty suddenly no longer operates, make sure the forward/reverse valve is fully depressed as shown in the photo below.  It is not […]

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Do I have enough handpieces?

If you have asked this question, you probably already know the answer.  The standard rule for an office with one dentist is 3 handpieces per operatory.  You would have 1 in use, 1 in the autoclave and one cooling for the next patient. A busy multiple Dentist office, that number of needed handpieces would jump to […]

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Spotting Counterfeit NSK Highspeed Handpieces

It has been an interesting week.  I knew there were a lot of bootleg products from China out there but really had not run across any. This week I had 4 counterfeit NSK highspeed handpieces come in for service along with some very dangerous lab burs that would bend with any pressure and spin wildly.  […]

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KaVo Dental Handpiece Repair and Maintenance

One of the leading dental handpiece manufacturers, KaVo is known for producing high quality dental equipment. Hughes specializes in KaVo dental handpieces and they represent a significant portion of our repair and service work. KaVo Handpiece Maintenance KaVo provides a handy guide on maintaining your handpiece here.  (PDF) You can also download our own High […]

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