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Certified Handpiece Repair of Air-Driven Models

Certified Handpiece RepairCertified handpiece repair is of the utmost importance to dentists who utilize air-driven models. These types of dental handpieces operate through the use of a compressor, which produces the compressed air that drives the unit to function properly. The inside of the unit includes a special turbine which contains both bearings and carefully-designed o-rings.

A special chuck mechanism is used for the burs. This mechanism holds the burs while they are rotating during initialization and use within a dental facility.

This mechanism may use a push-button or a friction grip for operation. The most popular models use friction grips. Due to the internal components associated with air-driven models, regular dental handpiece repair and maintenance is required to ensure optimal functionality.

Power Concerns

One of the biggest issues associated with air-driven dental handpieces is that they lack the power associated with electric handpieces that are currently available. This is mainly due to the lower torque associated with the pieces. It is not at all unusual to find that these devices experience hesitation or completely stall during use on a patient.

In most instances, this hesitation and/or stalling is a result of applying higher levels of force or the bur of the unit coming in contact with a material that is considered to be hard. The speed of the air-driven handpiece is also significantly slower than electrical counterparts.

Many dentists prefer slow-speed dental handpieces because of the fact that the higher torque that is common with the higher speeds of the electrical dental handpieces have the potential to crack teeth or heat the teeth. Certified maintenance or repair will ensure that there is little to no hesitation or other power issues with your dental handpieces.

Maintenance and Repair

Certified handpiece repair and maintenance is exceptionally important when it comes to air-driven dental handpieces. These activities will assist in preventing the common wear and tear that is associated with their use and the inevitable degradation of the internal features of the handpieces. It is time to invest in certified handpiece and repair if any of the following is observed and/or heard:

  • Excessive Noise and/or Clatter Sounds
  • Increased Levels of Stalling During Use
  • Any Form of Bearing Resistance
  • Decreased Speed During Free-Running
  • Excessive Heat
  • Lower Levels of Vibration
  • Complications with Bur Rotation

If you fail to obtain certified handpiece repair and maintenance services, not only will the device likely fail to operate correctly, but, it could result in immense discomfort and complications with the patients of your facility. Overheating could result in burns to the sensitive gum region of the mouth. Improper rotation could result in the tooth or teeth becoming cracked or injured. Patients may experience a vast amount of pain with any of these scenarios.

If your practice owns and/or operates air-driven dental handpieces, it is imperative that you opt for certified handpiece repair and maintenance services on a regular basis. For more information, contact Hughes Dental today at: 800-773-0800

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