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Choosing Equipment for Your New Dental Practice

As a new dental practitioner in a new practice, it is essential to see technology and the right equipment as two necessary requirements for providing your patients with the absolute best dental care. Unfortunately, purchasing new items is not only expensive but with the sheer number of products out there, it can be extremely overwhelming.

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Despite the items used in previous practices where you worked, your dental practice will have its own needs. Items should be selected with care. In this detailed guide, you will learn how to successfully choose the equipment that will bring your facility the highest level of success.

Establish a Budget

Starting a new dental practice is an expensive endeavor. Prepping the facility and operating it will prove to be even more expensive. As a result of these facts, it is imperative that you establish a budget specifically for the purchase of new equipment. Once you establish an amount that you can work with, you must allot for the basics. These include the following:

  1. Chairs for Your Patients
  2. Dental Handpieces
  3. LED Curing Light Systems
  4. Control Boxes
  5. Cabinetry for Operational Procedures
  6. Delivery Systems
  7. Utility Equipment
  8. Operatory Light Systems
  9. X-ray Equipment
  10. Sterilization Items

Will You Offer Specialized Dental Services?

If you are a dental practitioner that will offer specialized dental services – such as endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, oral pathology, and dentofacial orthopedics – you will need to incorporate specialized dental equipment into your practice.

This type of equipment is generally more expensive than standard dental equipment. You will need to budget appropriately.

Examples of these items that may be included in a dental practice offering specialized services include intraoral camera systems, dental lasers, equipment for dental sleep medicine, imaging systems capable of capturing 3D images, dental surgical microscopes, and endodontic equipment.

Quality Trumps Brand

New dental practitioners just starting their own practice often fall into the trap of spending more on dental equipment simply because of the fact that it is by a well-known brand. You should learn to identify quality. Even unknown names may have high-quality equipment. There are some items, though, that you will want to go with a name brand on as they are known for their quality.

For example, your dental handpieces. These are used directly on your patients and must be the absolute best. Make sure that they are built to last, ensure patient comfort, and include warranties.

Examples of the top brands include Beyes, Sirona, MK-dent, and Midwest.

When purchasing equipment, opt for well-known products that will be used on patients. When choosing other types of equipment, check reviews and do your research.

Request Recommendations

If you find yourself struggling to determine what types of dental equipment that you need for your new practice or questioning which brands to purchase, simply request recommendations from other practitioners. Chances are, you have trained and/or worked with many that you have come to trust.

Simply enquire about the products that they have previously purchased and which they would invest in again if the need arose. This feedback will provide invaluable to your search.

In addition to this, they may be able to recommend specific manufacturers and/or vendors that they have had good experiences with that deal in dental equipment.


As a dental practitioner, you are at risk for many different types of injuries. More specifically, those that negatively impact the neck, the back, the arms, the wrists, and the hands. Most injuries among dentists are due to strain. You must keep this in mind when choosing dental equipment.

You will spend many hours each day bending over patients, performing tedious tasks in the mouth, and similar activities. You must consider basic ergonomics when purchasing dental equipment. In doing so, the strain on your body will be eliminated and you will drastically reduce the risk of developing an injury while working.

Plan for Regular Maintenance and Necessary Repairs

Regardless of what type of dental equipment that you purchase, you will need to have those items regularly maintained and repaired – especially key items, like your dental handpieces. You should find a company that specializes in these types of activities and schedule regular maintenance so that all of the items you purchase have increased longevity.

We here at Hughes Dental specialize in maintenance and repairs for dental handpieces. To learn more about the services that we offer or to discuss a maintenance schedule, you may contact us directly today by calling


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