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Cordless Dental Prophy Handpieces Eliminates Pain and Increases Ergonomic Comfort

cordless dental handpieceCordless Dental Handpieces Found to Eliminate Pain and Increase Ergonomic Comfort

It is a known fact that the basic dynamics associated with ergonomic comfort for the dental specialist lies in the positioning of the professional while providing care to patients.

In addition to this, the positioning of the patient, the design of the room in which the dental practitioner works, and the equipment utilized have a relatively large impact on the physical comfort and health of the practitioner.

According to research, the pain that develops in the clinical setting is not decreasing among dental professionals; however, the recent introduction of cordless dental handpieces in the workplace may just change that fact.

The Burden of the Common Cord

As a dental professional, it is highly likely that you have found yourself experiencing the burden that often makes itself known when using your dental handpieces – the common cord. Have you ever felt the pressure that stems from a seemingly pulling of the cord while working on a patient? Have you ever found your hands and wrists becoming uncomfortable and fatigued as a result of the pressure of the cord on your dental handpieces? Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the pressure and tension that stems from the cord attached to your dental handpieces? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is also very likely that you have secretly wished to be free from the common cord. Now, you have that ability!

The StarDental Cordless Prophy Handpiece

In the Spring of 2015 – at the California Dental Association’s annual session –StarDental Cordless Dental Prophy Handpiece was presented to dental professionals in attendance. This uniquely-designed dental instrument allows practitioners 100% freedom from movement challenges and was designed to be compatible with nearly all types of disposable-based angles. This instrument is lightweight and specially-designed with the highest level of ergonomics. Not only does the cordless design increase the comfort level of the dental practitioner, but, it optimizes the comfort level of patients undergoing procedures in the clinical setting.  The success of this device and its aid in eliminating strain in the dental setting is now making cordless dental handpieces the preferred tool in dentistry.

The Advantages

Numerous advantages abound when it comes to cordless dental handpieces. In addition to optimal movement flexibility, these instruments are easy to utilize during procedures. It is not at all uncommon for dentist practitioners to find themselves struggling with stress in the hands and the wrists as a result of the cord and tubing attached to traditional dental handpieces; however, cordless handpieces do not result in any type of physical stress. Practitioners that use these instruments also seem to have a higher level of accessibility to their patients. This means that les effort is required in the posterior areas of the mouth when prophylaxis procedures are being performed. Finally, cordless dental handpieces eliminate the necessity for a foot pedal.

If you are ready to set trends in your practice, the cordless dental prophy handpiece may be for you!  Limitations could include serviceability outside the manufacturer and possible limited battery life. If you are not ready to take the leap, performing the standard maintenance on your traditional handpieces will prove to be helpful.

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