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Dental Care Product Guide – Maintaining and Sterilizing Your High Speed Dental Handpieces

DentalCareProductIn this dental care product guide, you will learn how to properly maintain and sterilize the high speed dental handpieces in your office. These high-powered dentistry tools should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each and every use to prevent infection and contamination among patients. The following dental care product steps must be taken to ensure that your products are as clean as possible:

  1. First, the surface of your handpieces should be thoroughly cleaned. Simply wipe the entire unit with a damp cloth that may be disposed of after use. If you find that bioburden is present on the handpiece, you should clean the device underneath running water, ensuring that a brush is used. If necessary, a mild detergent may be used. Chemical solutions should not be used on the product.
  2. Once the unit has been thoroughly cleaned, you should obtain a can of lubricant. You will need an adapter for the back section of your dental care product. This should be threaded to the nozzle of your lubricant can. Then, the bur should be inserted into the handpiece. A safe alternative to canned lubricant is pen droplet oil, or “Pen Oil”.
  3. Once the lubricant is placed into the dental care product, you should then spray it for up to 3 seconds. The bur should be rotated in between your fingers as this will assist in the proper distribution of the lubricant throughout the handpiece and will effectively loosen any type of debris contained within the dental care product.
  4. The next step is to shoot air throughout the handpiece. This will assist in reducing the opportunity for clogging to occur, will help you reduce cross contamination, and will prevent the discoloration of the lines attached to the dental care product.
  5. Next, you will need to properly purge the handpiece. That is, you should run it for several minutes. This will help to ensure that all debris is loosened and eliminated from the handpiece. You should continue to take this step until the liquid that emerges from the dental care product is completely clean. You should also ensure that all lubricant traces are removed from the product.
  6. Next, you will need to use a spindle adapter to clean the chuck of your product. You may also use a specially-designed interproximal brush to clean this area.
  7. Once all of the above steps are finished, you will then need to wipe down the outside of your dental care product to ensure that it completely dries.
  8. Finally, place the product within a sterile bag, and allow it to sterilize, according to the instructions outlined on that or with that bag from the manufacturer.

If you find that cleaning your high speed dental handpieces is a challenge, you may choose to use a professional company for the job. This is often best because any pieces that are rusted, malfunctioning, and/or not performing as appropriately may be replaced. For more information on professional handpiece dental care product professional cleaning, contact Hughes Diversified Dental Repair and Sales today at 800-773-0800

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