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Dental Handpiece Lubrication Tips

The questions about handpiece maintenance that I hear most often are:

  • “What brand of dental handpiece lubricant should I use?” and,
  • “Should I use lube drops or spray?”

Any brand is better than nothing!

It is more important that your highspeeds get lubricated after very use (and then run them to expel the excess lube before they are sterilized) than what brand of lube you use. You should follow our dental handpiece maintenance tips. (Adobe PDF)

That said, the main brand I personally don’t care for is the Midwest Plus brand. I have traced a number of persistent problems to customers who used the Midwest Plus Lube and the problems disappeared when I switched them over to my Syntek brand lube.

There are many good brands of lube and there are a few really good lubes.

I base my recommendations on a combination of quality and value. Spray lubes that I recommend are Syntek 100% synthetic lube and Mk-dent Premium synthetic lube.

The main difference between these two is that the Mk-dent has a fresh minty smell and is slightly more expensive. I also have the Mk-dent brand refills for your Assistina and Kavo Quatro Care automatic lube machines. Both the Syntek and Mk-dent premium lubes exceed manufacturer specs for Midwest, NSK, W&H Synea, Kavo, Star, Impact Air, Sirona, Lares, Mk-dent, and Shein.

Drops VS. Spray

Although either will work in highspeed or low speed applications, I recommend spray for high speed and drops for low speeds. Spray is best for highspeeds because the spray also contains a cleaner that will flush any clinical debris from the head and turbine. Drops are great for low speeds, the pen tip applicator tip will make it much easier to get the drops where you need them.

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