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Handpiece Repair Services for Sirona Product Owners – Part 2

Sirona-T1In Part 1 of our series, “Dental Handpiece Repair Services for Sirona Product Owners”, you learned about the quality and precision of the Sirona dental handpieces in the dental industry and many of the benefits associated with owning these highly-revered dental instruments. Examples of the qualities of these dental handpieces include an ergonomic design, a high level of durability, exceptional functionality, and consistent reliability. You also learned that should you require maintenance or repair on the Sirona dental handpieces of your dental practice that we here at Hughes Dental Repair are certified to handle the tasks. In the conclusion of this series, we will continue to expound on why Sirona dental handpiece are considered to be the best in the industry.

Attachment Variety
One of the main advantages to utilizing Sirona dental handpieces in your practice is that the company offers a high level of variety when it comes to your products. Below, you will find an outline of the most popular attachments and how they may assist you in completing procedures. If you find that you need new attachments or other parts that will aid in the functionality of your Sirona dental handpieces, be sure to contact us at Hughes Dental Repair as we offer a wide variety of products and accessories that are sure to meet your needs:

  • PROPHY – This type of attachment allows you to polish your patients’ teeth with ease.
  • EVA 04 – This attachment will allow your practice to polish teeth and successfully remove composite-based residues. Additionally, because it acts as a type of file, it is perfect for smoothing out the surfaces of tooth roots.
  • ENDO L – This Sirona dental handpiece attachment allows your dental practice to perform root canal preparations in your patients.
  • ENDO 6 L – This attachment includes an exceptionally small head that will permit you to get the best possible view of the root canal and will allow you to perform a localization of the apex without having to utilize a file clamp.
  • CONDENS – This particular model attachment will allow you to perform amalgam fillings in a condensed fashion.

Dental Turbines
Sirona dental handpieces include a whole new line of innovative dental turbines. Each of these turbines are designed to offer you extensive and complete operating control, while providing the maximum level of output for your dental handpieces. Best of all, these turbines are exceptionally quiet. You will find that the turbines Sirona offers provides the highest level of power and the absolute smallest heads. The torque is high, which provides a very high level of smooth operation. There is a built-in 4 nozzle spray unit that successfully reduces the level of noise generated by the Sirona dental handpieces and increases comfort for both you and your patient!

In our series, “Dental Handpiece Repair Services for Sirona Product Owners”, you have been introduced to the quality and innovation offered through Sirona dental handpieces. Sirona is a well-respected name in the dental industry. If you expect precision and high ratings as a dental provider, it is imperative that your practice employs the use of these exceptional dental handpieces. We here at Hughes Dental Repair specialize in the service and repair of these dental handpieces. Not only are we Sirona factory trained, but, we utilize only original Sirona parts. In addition to our services, we offer a wide range of high-quality replacement parts, accessories, and tools for your Sirona dental handpieces. To discover more information about these items and the dental handpiece repair services that we offer, visit us today at:

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