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Prep, Protect, and Increase Your Productivity During the Pandemic – Dentists, We Have You Covered!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only affected the various societies around the world, but also the economies. As cases continue to mount and deaths continue to occur, our world will be permanently reshaped. The fallout that is occurring with this crisis is not only intensifying the familiar risks within the world, but also creating new risks.

The changes that are occurring are creating new ways for professionals to rebuild and to come back better than ever. This is especially true in the dental world.

If you are a dentist, we here at Hughes Dental have you covered! By working with us, you can prep, protect, and even increase your productivity during these uncertain times.

Hughes Dental Repair Services

Who Are We?

We here at Hughes Dental are a group of comprehensively trained and certified dental handpiece repair experts. We started our journey in the year of 1997. Our family owned business is committed to providing you with personable service, the highest quality parts, and exceptional customer service. Best of all, we offer the most competitive prices in the marketplace. We stand as a highly reputable source in the industry.

In fact, many shops outsource their repairs to us!

We specialize in numerous brands, a wide assortment of equipment, and offer many services to our clients. We collaborate with and develop a partnership with every dental facility that we work with to ensure that you have what you need at all times – even during a pandemic!

Our Services

We here at Hughes Dental offer a wide variety of services. These include high speed dental handpiece repairs, low speed dental handpiece repairs, electric motors, surgical drills, attachments, and more! While repair services are at the forefront of our operations, we also offer various types of maintenance services on different types of dental equipment.

Additionally, we specialize in the sales of all the dental handpieces, attachments, and accessories that you may need to keep your dental practice operating at full capacity during the COVID-19 crisis. We don’t just offer your practice experience, we offer it reliability, quality, and care!

The Hughes Promise – From Us to You

With over two decades of experience and counting, our company has acquired a solid reputation for fast, superior service and high-quality product sales. In fact, we have established a special promise – from us to you – it is:

  • We guarantee that you will receive the absolute maximum value for each dollar that you invest into your needed dental repairs.
  • We commit to utilizing the highest quality parts that are available. Our parts far outrank OEM standards due to their exceptional quality.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring your complete and total satisfaction. Our happiness is only established when we know that our clients are happy. We will do what we have to do, when we have to do it, to make certain that you are always prepped, protected, and highly productive in your dental practice.

Our COVID-19 Protection Aerosol Control System for Dental Practices

In addition to ensuring that we place a priority on the services and products that we offer to prep and protect your practice, we now offer the Dental Aerosol Control System for COVID-19 that is designed to protect you as a practitioner, your staff, and your patients!

This device is 100% necessary for dental professionals that seek to prep, protect, and increase their productivity during the pandemic.

It is designed to remove contaminants that are created during dental procedures. These include – but are not limited to – saliva droplets, various types of aerosols, dust, blood, bacteria, and viruses – including COVID-19!

This system has the absolute best and most advanced Quattro layered filtration unit that is currently available on the market. According to research, droplets, aerosols, and other fluids may enter the air and remain there for quite some time when dental practitioners perform procedures.

While not always considered to be detrimental to the health, prolonged exposure to these contaminants has the potential to result in adverse health effects. By incorporating this unit into your practice, you can rest assured that the area is clean, sanitized, and completely safe for all!

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Now that you know what Hughes Dental is all about, check out our website to review the services and products in which we specialize.

We are standing by to meet your needs. No job is too small or too large. We place a special emphasis in ensuring that all dental practitioners are prepped, protected, and highly productive – even during the most challenging of times. Contact us directly today to learn more about how we can assist you: 1-800-773-0800

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