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Discovering the Perfect Dental Handpieces for Your Practice

Sirona T1Discovering the Perfect Dental Handpieces for Your Practice

Discovering the perfect dental handpieces for your dental practice may be a challenging endeavor; however, it is a necessary one. You will immediately find that there are no shortages of options. The most popular models available on the market today include Sirona dental handpieces, Star handpieces, Midwest, Kavo dental handpieces, Shein, W&H, Synea, Mk-Dent, and Patterson. These dental handpieces have features that will help optimize the overall efficiency of your dental practice and increase patient satisfaction. Here at Hughes Dental Repair, we pride ourselves in recognizing the absolute best of all dental instruments. In this brief guide, we will share a few tips that will allow you to find the perfect handpieces for your dental practice.

Basic Considerations
When shopping for dental handpieces, it is imperative that you consider the type of dental procedures that you perform in your practice. Currently, approximately 40% of all dentists in the United States opt for electric dental handpieces and 60% opt for air-driven dental handpieces. You must evaluate each type and determine what type is best for the procedures that you offer. Additionally, if you have a specialty practice, you will want to ensure that you select dental handpieces that are appropriate for the specializations that you offer.

When shopping for dental handpieces, there are several different types of questions that should be presented to the manufacturer and/or sales company that are selling their products:

  1. First, you should determine if there is a warranty. Each handpiece that you purchase should include a warranty. If it does not, you should avoid the purchase. Once you have established that the dental instrument has a warranty, you should determine how long that warranty lasts and who is responsible for the repairs of the product.
  2. Next, you should determine which features you need for your practice and should make certain that the instruments that you have an interest in possess those features. Asking about the features is a very critical component of making sure you obtain the best product for your practice.
  3. You should ensure that you are 100% familiar with the product. You may easily obtain information about the handpieces that you have an interest in by looking up reviews. Additionally, you may contact us here at Hughes Dental Repairs and inquire about those products that you are interested.

Comfort and Precision
The final aspect of choosing a dental handpiece for your practice is to determine if the product will be comfortable for you and your patients. You will also want to make certain that, when you use the instrument, it has a high level of precision. Dental handpieces that lack quality could result in complications to the user and the patient. For example, an instrument that has a high level of vibration may cause hand and wrist problems in users and discomfort for patients. Comfort and precision are absolutely essential. If you are experiencing complications in choosing the best dental handpiece for your practice, contact us today and let us help: 800-773-0800

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