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Electric Dental Handpieces – An Overview

sirona-electric T1 electric dental handpieceIn today’s world, most dentists utilize air-driven dental handpieces; however, electric dental handpieces are quickly gaining in popularity. In a recent survey, 146 dentists were questioned about the handpieces that they use in their practice. Based on the results, 67% did not use electric-based handpieces; however, an approximate 45% stated that they plan to purchase an electrical unit in the near future. These systems include the following components; a specialized control box, an electrical motor, special tubing, and a multitude of attachments for applications that require low-speeds and applications that require high-speeds.

Based on research throughout the years, it has been determined that electric dental handpieces have a higher level of efficiency when it comes to cutting. Naturally, electric units cut better and more quickly than air-driven dental handpieces. Handpieces that use an air-turbine do not have a control system. Electric units do have a control system. This allows the units to maintain a certain speed while the overall load on the unit’s bur is increased. Unfortunately, there is a concern about the temperature of the electric dental handpieces because of the higher rates associated with cutting.

A dental research team with the United States Army did several studies and outlined the fact that the pulp chamber of the electric dental handpieces did not experience any vast differences in temperature than their air-driven counterparts. The one issue that was discovered, though, was that the end tip of the electric dental handpieces became hotter than the tips of air-driven handpieces; this was especially true if the electrical handpieces had not been properly maintained. In fact, the Food & Drug Administration in the United States claim that many patients have experienced burns as a result of over-heated, under-maintained electric dental handpieces.

If you have a desire to purchase electric-based dental handpieces for your practice, it is highly important to understand that there is, in fact, a special learning curve associated with their use. This is because, in order to properly maintain the high torque during cutting in dental procedures, there is a change in the way that the product feels. You must take your time and ensure that you properly adjust to this new feeling. Additionally, the electric handpieces have a greater weight level than air-driven dental handpieces. As a result, you may find yourself struggling with operator fatigue.

If you want to obtain electrical dental handpieces for your practice, it is important to opt for the most reputable brands currently available on the market. Examples include Sirona, Star, Midwest, Kavo, Shein, W&H, Synea, Mk-Dent, and Patterson. Additionally, it is imperative that you set up a maintenance schedule. By ensuring that your dental handpieces are properly maintained, you are reducing the opportunity for patient injury to occur. We here at Hughes Dental are certified to handle nearly all brands of electric-based handpieces. We will keep your handpieces functioning properly. We also offer many different types of parts that may be used to repair your dental handpieces. For more information, visit us today at:

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