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Electric Dental Handpieces Offer Multiple Advantages in the Field of Restorative Dentistry

Electric Dental Handpieces Offer Multiple Advantages in the Field of Restorative Dentistry

If you are a clinician that specializes in restorative dentistry, it is imperative that you integrate electric dental handpieces into your practice. Each and every single dental practitioner should place a high priority on integrating equipment that will reap the most rewards and will be used the most within their practice.

While air-driven handpieces are commonplace among most clinicians, the electric dental handpiece is gaining an immense amount of popularity. These uniquely-designed tools offer the amount of force and the high level of finesse that is necessary to perform optimal dentistry work.

In years past, restorative dentistry was heavily dependent upon the luting of gold, fusing specially-designed porcelain pieces to crowns composed of various metals, and the utilization of zinc phosphate.

Today, the bonding of ceramic restorations with specially-designed cements composed of resins is the optimal choice in restorative dentistry. The dental esthetics possible with these ingredients is absolutely amazing; however, if we come to a point where we must remove restorations, air-driven handpieces quickly fall short. It does not matter if you come in contact with resin, zirconia, or even lithium disilicate, electric handpieces offer the power and the necessary torque to handle the job.

The next advantage to utilizing electric dental handpieces is the fact that you can adjust the rpms in which the device operates. This makes it exceptionally easy to create beautiful refinements and make the necessary preparations for restorations. Today, there are electric dental handpieces that utilize varying technologies – such as triple gears – that will aid in alleviating the vibration that commonly occurs with air-driven dental handpieces, reducing noise pollution, and aids in increasing precision.

While air-driven dental handpieces are effective when it comes to tooth restorations, electric-driven dental handpieces offer the highest level of efficiency and perfection when it comes to restorations within the dental field.

If you have an interest in acquiring electric dental handpieces for your practice, you will be pleased to know that many manufacturers currently offer these handy and technologically-advanced devices. We here at Hughes Dental work closely with many of these manufacturers to provide dental practitioners an immense selection of high quality pieces at the absolute best prices.

Examples of the brands that we work with include MK-Dent, Sirona, Star, Synea, Kavo, Midwest, Lares, and W&H. In addition to offering these dental instrument repairs at the most competitive prices, we also specialize in the care, maintenance, and repair of all dental handpieces.

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