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Simple Strategies for Ensuring That Dental Suction Lines in Your Practice Are Clean and Healthy

Simple Strategies for Ensuring That Dental Suction Lines in Your Practice Are Clean and Healthy

dental suction linesTaking simple steps to ensure that the dental suction lines in your practice are clean and healthy will save you time and money. As a dental practitioner, you know and understand that stable suction is a critical component to all patient procedures.

An evacuation system that slogs down has the capability of disrupting production and could result in a series of repair-based activities that may prove to be exceptionally costly. Your daily regimen should consist of line cleaning, hand cleaning of the traps, and maintaining your dental handpieces. Continue reading to learn how to keep those evacuation lines in your practice clean and healthy.

Chemical Cleansing Agents

Traditionally, chemical cleansing agents have often been used in order to eliminate debris from dental suction lines. Unfortunately, it has been found that these cleaners leave traces of biofilm (or, organic waste), as the lines are flushed.

This organic waste accumulates within the lines and, eventually, leads to a blockage within the evacuation system. Naturally, the blockages incubate failure of the line’s ability to properly engage in suction. When the evacuation system loses its suction, it can quickly catch you and your patient off guard. This may pose many inconveniences to your practice, delay a patient’s treatment, and result in harm to your reputation.

Opt for Microbial Formulation

If you want to clean your suction lines without the possibility of complications occurring, you should opt for a cleansing agent that utilizes microbial formulation. These types of cleansing agents actually doing a thorough soaking of the entire evacuation system. Once it is added to the lines, the microbes actually “eat” all of the organic-based waste within the lines – resulting in absolutely no blockage.

In turn, your practice will no longer face immense issues pertaining to slogs and expensive line replacements. Traditional cleaners will flush the debris lodged within the lines, but, they will not completely eliminate the waste contained within those lines. This results in fewer replacements of the filter cartridges and a significantly less amount of toxic-based waste to dispose of from your practice.

Cleaning dental lines is an important task in every dental practice. In most instances, this activity involves simply flushing debris through the lines; however, there is a better way to handle this task. Using a microbial formulation cleansing agent will actually eat away at debris and result in less sluggishness and repairs.

If you would like to make your dental line cleaning a lot easier, this is the way to go! If your lines are already sluggish or if your dental handpieces are in need of maintenance and/or repair, we also offer a vast array of services to assist you.

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