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Four Vital Reasons to Choose Professional Maintenance for Dental Handpieces

A lot of thought and time is spent selecting the best equipment for any profession. Dentists have a wide variety of top quality tools such as dental handpieces to choose from. Even the best items, however, require some R &R from time to time. Frequent use wears down moving parts and reduces performance. The best way to keep things in shape and up to date is by following the manufacturer’s guide for preventive maintenance and sending equipment in for an analysis when it lacks the performance it typically delivers.

Evaluation Before Action

Customers come first when a product is sent in for repair. Our personal goal for high speed dental handpiece repair, for example, is to evaluate, repair and return the product as quickly as possible while keeping the customer updated on the situation and progress. We start by running the handpiece to get an idea of what’s interfering with its proper performance, be it clogs, bearings, or miniscule air leaks that are hard to detect. We’ll never exceed the rebuild price without notifying you first and always contact you to explain why a piece of equipment is not worth repairing.

Qualified Technicians

The qualified technicians at Hughes Dental have experience repairing and rebuilding a vast assortment of high speed dental handpieces. The MK-dent classic line highspeed handpiece is an example. Built with today’s high-tech components, the instrument works quietly and efficiently. Techs check the various parts and operation of the handpiece, such as push-button chuck system and ceramic bearings.  Couplers allow compatibility with other handpieces like KaVo and Sirona.

Reliable Parts and Products

It’s no surprise that high speed dental handpiece repair is in such demand. The cost and design of these instruments vary to meet the needs of any busy, diversified dental office. Small and large hands find an ergonomic grip that makes it easier to use the handpiece correctly and comfortably. Hughes understands why you want the equipment repaired or rebuilt as soon as possible. You’ve already gone through the process of finding a device you like with the power and head size you want. We carry an assortment of parts to keep your equipment at the level of service you’re familiar with – and sometimes even better!

Quick and Easy Transport

Sending equipment to Hughes Dental Repair in New Paris, Ohio is fast and convenient. Visit our website to complete the order and details. Use any of the reputable carriers in your area or use this quick link to print our repair form and postage paid label. Ship your handpiece today for fast, expert repair.  This family-owned business has been in operation for 20 years and has the expertise to repair the wide assortment of dental handpieces and attachments.

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