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Groundbreaking Technologies Trending in the Dental Industry

There are several distinctive and groundbreaking technologies that are quickly gaining popularity within the dental industry. In fact, in the next decade, we expect these technologies to take off. In this guide, you will be introduced to these amazing advancements – all of which are expected to immensely benefit both dental practitioners and patients. Many practitioners have grown immensely concerned about the industry due to the situation that was created by COVID-19, but professionals state that there are remarkable technologies emerging that are sure to change the dental industry – for the better! Continue reading to learn more!

3d Printer

3D Printing Technology for Dentists

3D printing was expected to become a $3 billion dollar industry in the dental field by 2020. Not only has it reached this point, it’s quickly exceeding it. This amazing advancement has resulted in numerous capabilities – including, but not limited to the following:

  • Creating 3D Images of the Teeth
  • Creating 3D Images of the Gum Tissue
  • Digital Design of Tooth Repair
  • Repairing a Damaged Tooth
  • Replacing a Damaged Tooth
  • Designing and Printing Orthodontic Appliances
  • Creating Dentures
  • Creating Crowns
  • Making Caps
  • Producing Bridges
  • Printing Drill Guides
  • And, more!

The potential applications associated with 3D printing technology is considered to be endless. This type of printing offers many features and numerous benefits to the dental industry. By utilizing this particular technological advancement, dentists have the capability of saving money within their practice, patients will pay less for their services, and services that are dental or orthopedic in nature will prove to be completed faster and with a higher level of accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability of enhancing how dental practices operate. In fact, this technology has the ability to penetrate absolutely every single step of the processes of such a practice. Automation may be performed through machine learning, deep learning, and even algorithms that are envisioned from computer programs.

AI offers a high level of precision and comprehensive assessments. It has the ability to utilize millions of different data points on every aspect of a patient’s care. Artificial intelligence will aid in optimizing workflow, creating an efficient administration, and producing advanced-level treatment plans for patients.

Digital-Based Dentistry

Nearly every single industry in existence today depends on digital-based systems, operations, and equipment to some degree or another. In recent years, the dental industry has come onboard. Digital-based dentistry uses devices to complete various types of dental procedures. This is done in place of traditional mechanical or ordinary electrical-based tools.

From designing highly complex restorations to transferring information to labs to displaying explanations for patients, digital-based dentistry is quickly emerging and gaining an immense amount of popularity.


Since the arrival of COVID-19 and its associated variants within the United States, telehealth services have gained an immense amount of popularity. The dental industry has created their own spin on telehealth. It is referred to as “teledentistry”.

Now, patients only have to do in-person visits when physical dental treatments are required. For services that do not require physical treatments, appointments may be virtual.

Patients can simply log in to their smartphone and meet face-to-face with a dentist to obtain advice, conduct follow-ups, ask questions, and more. The convenience that this offers is sure to keep teledentistry extremely popular for many, many years to come!

Augmented Reality Education

Now, dental students and those that wish to sharpen their clinical skills can learn without the need of live patients. They only need augmented reality education. That is, a computer program that offers instructions and the ability to virtually perform a wide assortment of procedures.

In addition to being used as teaching tools, augmented reality education programs and props may be used to educate and counsel patients.

Examples include instructions on oral hygiene measures, explaining dental procedures, and even offering treatment modalities. Augmented reality often works in conjunction with digital dentistry and Artificial Intelligence.

Prepare Today for Tomorrow’s Success

As a dental practitioner, you should start preparing today to ensure your success tomorrow – especially when it comes to groundbreaking technological trends. In this guide, you have been introduced to many of the trends that are gaining in popularity.

We encourage you to browse our products and obtain that which is needed for the necessary advancements within your practice. We would also like to offer our unique services – which include dental handpiece maintenance and repair – to assist you in serving your patients. Visit us here at Hughes Dental today to learn more!

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