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Dental handpiece repair problems are the last thing you want to deal with, and so is a handpiece repair shop that is here today and gone tomorrow. Can your current repair shop provide you with high quality repair for virtually every brand of handpiece and attachment? Can they offer fiber optic replacement, re-braze loose heads, service all low speeds and repair surgical handpieces? Do they offer electric handpiece repair at a price that will make you smile? Hughes is a family owned, professional dental handpiece repair facility in operation since 1997. Yes, 17 years and GROWING strong.

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We have new dental handpieces, handpiece attachments and replacement dental turbines for Star Dental, Kavo, Midwest Dental, Sirona Dental, W&H, NSK, Mk-dent, Lares, Shein and many more! Introducing Beyes handpiece & Quest highspeeds by Lares Research. Check out our new line of Aseptico, Ram Electric Lab Handpieces and Saeshin Operatory Implant Systems.

We service electric dental handpieces. Hughes is a certified Sirona Handpiece Repair center.  Check the latest news on our blog. Follow on Facebook

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