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Increase the Life of Your Sirona Dental Handpieces by Ensuring Regular Maintenance

Sirona-T1If you want to increase the life of your Sirona dental handpieces, it is imperative that you ensure that the handpiece undergoes regular maintenance. A handpiece that functions poorly not only results in stress for the clinician; it may also result in a less-than-favorable experience for the patient. Additionally, it may result in the loss of productivity for the dental practice. While it is true that most dentists and hygienists believe that they know how to properly maintain their dental handpieces, technicians that specialize in dental handpiece repair state otherwise. Based on the information received from these technicians, most of the handpiece issues that they see on a regular basis could have been prevented through proper maintenance. All it takes is a few minutes a day and a little dedication to the project and the life of your Sirona dental handpieces could be instantly increased.

Determining the Total Cost of Owning Your Dental Handpieces
It is a known fact that dental handpieces form the core of your dental practice. By conducting a simple search of these devices, you will find that you have a vast array of choices when it comes to name brands and types; however, not all handpieces are created equally. In order to determine the best handpieces for your practice, you must determine what the total cost will be of the ownership of your instruments. Essentially, this means that you must estimate the total cost of the instruments over their life. The way to determine this is to consider the initial cost of the handpiece, plus how much it costs to have the handpiece installed at your practice. Then, you must consider the operating costs, the maintenance costs, and subtract the residual value once you dispose of the handpiece. When you calculate these costs, based on each name brand, you will always find that Sirona dental handpieces are your best choice.

Maintenance Measures
Once you have established that Sirona dental handpieces are your best option for your dental practice, it is time to learn a few maintenance measures that will ensure that those dental handpieces last you. The following outlines some of the best techniques for getting the most of out of your handpieces and reducing the need for dental handpiece repairs:

  1. You should ensure that your handpieces are maintained properly by assigning this duty to one person yet educate everyone on proper maintenance techniques.
  2. Both ends of the optic glass that is part of the Sirona dental handpieces should be cleaned with alcohol on a cotton swab so that debris does not bake into the glass rod.
  3. Most all handpieces require lubrication, you should make certain that lubrication procedures are in place. If not you can expect much higher repair cost and could jeopardize any warranties. You can download your free maintenance guide from Hughes Diversified Dental here.


Now, if you take these three simple steps in your dental practice on a regular basis, you sure to increase the life of your Sirona dental handpieces and reduce the need for professional dental handpiece repair. If you find that your dental handpieces are not functioning optimally, we here at Hughes Dental are Sirona factory certified to maintain and repair your Sirona dental handpieces. Best of all, we only use Sirona certified original parts. For more information, contact us today by calling: 800-773-0800

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