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KaVo Dental Handpiece Repair and Maintenance

kaVo logoOne of the leading dental handpiece manufacturers, KaVo is known for producing high quality dental equipment.

Hughes specializes in KaVo dental handpieces and they represent a significant portion of our repair and service work.

KaVo Handpiece Maintenance

KaVo provides a handy guide on maintaining your handpiece here.  (PDF)

You can also download our own High Speed Maintenance and Sterilization Procedures (PDF)

KaVo Handpiece Repair

If you’re in a bind and need a KaVo part or a repair, give us a call at (765) 965-9095 or (800) 773-0800, and we’ll walk you through our quick and easy mail-in service.

Hughes Dental Repair serves all states with the bulk of our clients coming from Ohio and Indiana.

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