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Using Inexpensive Low-Quality Curing Lights with Dental Handpieces Could Result in The Failure of Patient Restorations

In recent years, there has been a large influx of resin curing lights flooding the internet at extremely low prices. In fact, the prices are so low that they are unbelievable. While clinicians are questioning the overall efficacy, many are still indulging in the purchase of these inexpensive, low-quality components to use in conjunction with their dental handpieces.

US Navy 110603-N-AW868-178 Lt. David Stubbs cures the composite using a curing light during a composite restoration procedure on Senior Chief Intel

As a practitioner, you know and understand that the dental curing of a restoration is more than just subjecting the resin to a colored light. It is a process that greatly affects the polymerization of the restoration. The end result can be positive or it can be negative. It depends on the quality of the dental curing light that you choose to utilize.

Restoration Advancements and Preferences

In most dental practices, restorations utilizing resin are considered to be the optimal choice among clinicians. However, ceramic restorations are also highly revered.

The one thing that both of these restoration types have in common is the need to be bonded with adhesives that require curing and cements composed of resin-based materials.

In order to succeed in a patient restoration, the material must be appropriately polymerized. One of the main components of proper polymerization is the dental curing light.

Curing Procedures and Products

The first step to properly curing a restoration is for the practitioner to know and understand all procedures associated with the process.

While it does not seem as if there is much room for error and curing is as simple as subjecting the restoration to the dental curing light, improper technique could result in the lack of longevity associated with a restoration.

All personnel that are responsible for light curing should be trained in the process to ensure successful completion. Additionally, the most advanced, high-quality dental curing appliances – such as the Clear Blue LED curing light – should be used during the process.

The combination of curing procedures knowledge and high-quality curing products will result in a successful completion of a restoration.

Identifying True Quality

In order to identify a curing light that exemplifies the highest quality, you should start by determining if that particular light has the proper level of power when it hits the restoration or surface area.

Next, you should make sure that it emits the appropriate wavelength of light that is needed to properly cure the type of resin that your dental practice utilizes.

Finally, you should make certain that the dental curing light that you use with your dental handpieces has collimated beams of light. This will help to reduce the amount of energy that is dropped as the curing light moves towards or away from the restoration.

The Clear Blue LED Curing Light

The best dental curing light for any practice is the Clear Blue LED curing light. We here at Hughes Dental not only offer these types of resin-curing devices that can be used with your dental handpieces, but we also offer products and accessories that may be used with these products.

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