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MK-dent – A Worldwide Leader in the Dental Industry

MK-dent is a worldwide renowned leader in the dental industry. With a focus on various types of dental instruments, maintenance components, and accessories, dental professionals everywhere turn to the brand when searching for quality, craftsmanship, and performance.

The specially-designed instruments on the MK-dent line bring together the elements of design and exceptional standard.

By purchasing these instruments for your practice, you will quickly discover the endurance, performance, and overall design outlasts any other dental instrument available on today’s market. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to the MK-dent Basic Line of quality instruments.


MK-dent Mini Head Kavo Compatible Optic Highspeed Handpiece


This specially-designed mini head piece is designed for the Kavo dental handpiece. It includes high endurance ceramic bearings, optics composed of glass rods, and a single spray head that only uses 15 watts of power. It is designed to attach to a Kavo quick connect and includes push button power so that there are no delays in caring for your patients.

MK-dent Mini Head Non-Optic Highspeed Handpiece for Coupler for Kavo


This 18-watt powered single spray mini head is designed to connect quickly to your Kavo quick connect. Angled perfectly for those challenging jobs, you are sure to find that this MK-dent Basic Line piece allows you to perform more efficiently and results in less user strain than similar devices.

MK-dent Mini Head Optic 5-Hole Highspeed Dental Handpiece


If you are in search of a highly versatile dental handpiece, this is for you! Complete with a backend that includes a total of 5 adaptable holes and a 1-hole spray unit, this amazing dental handpiece is designed for both the patient and practitioner in mind. The bearings are composed of high-velocity ceramics so that it is able to withstand hours and hours of operation. The basic grip makes working on patients exceptionally easy. Just push the button and you are in full operation!

MK-dent Basic Line Standard Head Highspeed Handpiece for Kavo Coupler ID HB21KL


Complete with optics composed of glass rods and an operational capacity of 21 watts of power, this is considered to be a powerful head for your Kavo quick connect. With the combination of push button technology and ergonomically-designed grip, user fatigue is virtually unheard of. The bearings are composed of the highest quality ceramics available in the dental industry today. The device includes an amazingly innovative 4-port spray system. If you are in search of durability, quality, and efficiency, this should be in your shopping cart immediately!

MK-dent Basic Line Standard Head Non-Optic Highspeed Dental Handpiece for Kavo Coupler ID HB21K


For those dental practitioners that prefer traditional dental instruments but appreciate the integration of technology, this is the dental handpiece for you! This single-spray head is capable of quickly connecting to your Kavo quick connect. Once connected, the specially-designed ceramic bearings are capable of withstanding hours of use on your patients. The non-optic unit has a standard head with push-button power capabilities. This is perfect for any dental practice seeking to enhance their efficiency and the number of patients that they service each day!

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We here at Hughes Dental offer a full range of specially-designed MK-dent products. In addition to this, we also offer a multitude of other brands. Examples include Sirona, Midwest, Star Titan, and Beyes Maxo.

In addition to standard dental handpiece instruments for your dental practice, we also offer repair and maintenance components such as couplers, lubrication systems, bulbs, electric micrometer systems, and even the latest and greatest in sanitation control for COVID-19 – the aerosol control system. We are – literally – your one stop shop for all things related to dental handpieces.

In addition to offering a wide assortment of dental handpiece products and components, we also specialize in the maintenance and repair of your dental instruments. By visiting our website, you can print out a free shipping label and mail your instruments directly to us for evaluation.

Our products and services are backed by the Hughes Promise. That is, we guarantee to give you the maximum value and quality. We will utilize only the absolute best quality and highly crafted pieces available in the industry and we will work diligently to ensure your overall satisfaction.

Need MK-dent products? Need maintenance? Need your dental instruments repaired? Look no further than us here at Hughes Dental! With over 22 years of experience and a high level of expertise in our field, we are considered to be the leaders in the dental repair business: 1-800-773-0800

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