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Noisy Dental Handpieces May Increase Anxiety Among Patients

Dental anxiety is a highly prevalent issue among patients. In recent years, many believe that noisy dental handpieces may have a detrimental impact on a patient’s comfort level within the professional setting.

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Noise is considered to be an unwanted sound among patients receiving care in a dentist’s office. This is especially true when it comes to dental handpieces that may be in need of maintenance or repair.

Not only is it a concern for patients, but also considered to be an occupational-based health concern to dentist practitioners, too.

Many studies have been conducted that confirm that exposure to noise that is high in intensity and frequency may result in negative impacts on the hearing.

In most instances, patients do not suffer from hearing loss as a result of loud dental handpieces, but the excessively high sounds may arouse increased fear of the dental instruments; thus, increasing levels of patient discomfort and anxiety. Anxiety often stems from fear, which results in defensive behaviors or the desire to remove oneself from the perceived danger. Anxiety is defined as a general response to a threat.

If you have a desire to eliminate fear and anxiety among patients in your practice, it is imperative to keep your dental handpieces properly maintained and repaired as to reduce any excessive noise.

There are several different components of a dental handpiece that may result in the onset of excessive noise, when not operating appropriately.

Examples include the bearings, improper lubrication, and the turbine.

While it is true that all dental handpieces emit some degree of sound and that many patients may experience some degree of anxiety, regardless of sound levels in the room, dental handpieces that need to be serviced and/or repaired will emit significantly larger levels of sound that may result in immense psychological discomfort for patients.

In some instances, the dental instruments may produce excess vibrations which may also result in physical discomforts for patients.

If you notice that your dental handpieces are becoming louder or there is a more intense vibration during operation, it is imperative that you have them evaluated. The issue may be as simple as the need for additional lubrication or could be as serious as the need for total replacement.

While it is true that there will be some degree of expense associated with dental handpiece service and/or repair, it is relatively small in comparison to the expense associated with excessive patient anxiety and discomfort while being treated in your practice. Additionally, service and dental handpiece repair will improve your comfort level while treating patients.

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