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Does your office suck?


Well, I hope it does! Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

If your suction (evacuation) system goes down, your office is done for the day, appointments are canceled. No one wants that to happen nor can you afford for it to happen. Yet it is pretty easy to ignore that your suction just isn’t what it used to be.

Did you ever stop to think that poor suction can also be hazardous to your patient’s health? When suction is compromised and the patient closes their mouth on the syringe tip, the poor performing suction can actually allow a swirling action at the syringe.

Can you say backflow??

Too many evacuation cleaners work like a drain cleaner, pour a caustic chemical in and let it eat through and flush it into our water system. Have you ever read the warning labels on your evacuation cleaner?

Enzymes are essentially organic catalysts that speed up and alter the rate of chemical reactions. This is done without the catalyst (enzyme) being altered or consumed in the process. Because the enzyme isn’t actually consumed in the digestion process, small amounts go a very long way.

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