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Refurbished Dental Handpieces – Buy in Confidence

In a number of industries, ranging from computer electronics to specialized medical equipment, refurbished can mean reducing procurement costs without making compromises when it comes to reliability or quality. In your dentistry practice, if you’re looking for ways to reduce costs without impacting the service that you provide, you could consider the purchase of refurbished dental handpieces from a trusted dental repair and sales company.

Changing How You Perceive Refurbished Equipment

When it comes to dental care, there’s a lot to consider when you are purchasing equipment. You won’t just be worrying about how suitable the handpieces will be for your dentists who are using them, but you’ll also need to be confident that they can provide adequate and comfortable performance for your patients. A handpiece is perhaps the most essential dental tool, and one that literally every dentist is familiar with.

If you have previously avoided refurbished equipment, then you wouldn’t be the first to do so. There’s a common misconception that refurbished items will be inferior to the equivalent new model. While it’s true that refurbished equipment has been previously used, it’s not at all true that buying a refurbished dental handpiece will mean a drop in performance or reliability.

Refurbished equipment goes through an intensive inspection process that is often more stringent than what is used on the production line. Pieces are examined for wear, and necessary replacements are made when necessary. When you are purchasing authentic refurbished dental handpieces from Hughes Dental Repair, you can have confidence knowing that the refurbishment process is performed by factory trained technicians, and any replacement parts are of the highest quality. We offer both handpieces and electric systems from Sirona and many other manufacturers, so you won’t even need to worry when it comes to brand recognition of your newly refurbished purchases.

Minor Cosmetic Blemishes on Some Equipment

While you won’t need to worry about mechanical or electrical performance and longevity, you do need to be aware that refurbished equipment can have minor cosmetic blemishes. This is the only differentiating factor when comparing brand new equipment to our quality used items. For our satisfied clients, some slight scuffs and scratches are a small price to pay for the significant discounts that are available on refurbished equipment. It is also important to keep in mind that refurbished equipment is ‘lightly used’, which means that it will be in a similar cosmetic state to some of your as-new purchased equipment that has been in service for less than a year. All refurbished handpieces from Hughes come with a 7 day no risk money back guarantee and a complete warranty of at least 6 months.  Make that additional handpiece purchase today.

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