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Reliable Service for Dental Handpiece Repair

Reliable Service for Dental Handpiece Repair

There’s no way around it. A dental office requires quality handpieces that are operating correctly to compete with other dental practices in the area and provide top-notch care for patients. Unlike the guidelines for some types of machinery, several pieces of dental equipment have no precise schedule to remind busy professionals that it’s time for a tune-up on handpieces and other tools.

Hughes Dental Repair works on a wide variety of dental handpieces. A few items, such as high or low speed handpieces, arrive on a regular basis because they are among the most used tools in a dental office. You might notice a slight wobble in the turbine or lower performance with the handpiece. Sometimes the bearing is the culprit and announces its distress with a whining or chattering sound. The sooner the handpiece is evaluated and repaired, the quicker it will be returned so you can use the tools you prefer instead of an unfamiliar replacement.

What’s involved in getting handpieces repaired? It’s actually very simple.

Take a look at our services, fill out a repair form and print your shipping label. Once it’s received and evaluated, maintenance and repairs begin.

Our expert services include dental handpiece lubrication, water and air lines cleaned, bearings and O-rings are replaced to ensure quality performance. If the turbine can’t be repaired we will install a high quality new replacement turbine. We also service most all electric handpieces. Decades of customer satisfaction has been earned by stating our repair standards and practices and making the customer our top priority.

Just as equipment is tested when it arrives to determine the problem, so is every repair tested to be sure it meets or beats current factory specifications. Even the sound level is checked! Numerous quality replacement parts are in stock, so most all handpiece repair can be done right away. Experienced technicians perform:

  • A complete turbine rebuild.
  • Basic air and water line cleaning.
  • Handpiece cleaning.
  • Turbine replacement if required

Safety and performance tests are conducted once service is completed. The optimum result is precision performance with a 6-month warranty on the rebuilt dental turbine and 9 months on new turbines.

Sometimes a dental turbine isn’t worth repairing due to cost or wear and tear on the item. We have a variety of quality replacement high speed dental turbines available at our online store.

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