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Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Dental Handpieces is Important for Many Reasons

Sirona T1Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Dental Handpieces is Important for Many Reasons

Even though you know maintaining your dental handpieces is important to your practice, you might not realize all the reasons it is so important. One of the reasons given here will no doubt be the one that comes to mind first for you. Different people will likely have different reasons be the first they think of. As you see the other reasons, you will recognize that they are equally important.

1. Routine inspection and maintenance keeps handpieces operating better and longer. The better maintained handpieces are and the longer they last, the less often replacements are needed. This translates to a significant savings for your dental practice. It also means patients spend less time in the chair as dental procedures can be completed quicker and more efficiently.

2. Safe operation is greatly affected by how well dental handpieces are maintained. Safety is a concern for the patient, the dentist and all the dental staff. Well maintained handpieces result in fewer injuries. Someone operating a poorly maintained handpieces is more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome and patients are more likely to suffer burns and lacerations. Part of ensuring a handpieces’ safe operation is sterilization. This involves deep cleaning and using the appropriate sterilization methods. Safeguarding the patient’s health is important and it also helps safeguard the health of the dental staff as well.

3. Though it might not be one of the first things to be thought of, comfort is an important reason to make sure all dental handpieces are well maintained. You do consider the patient’s comfort as being important but the comfort of you and your staff is equally important. Handpieces that operate properly are more comfortable to use as they are more efficient.

4. High quality is easier to achieve with dental handpieces that are kept properly maintained. It is hard to do quality dental work with handpieces that you feel you have to fight with to complete any procedures. When handpieces are maintained as they should be, procedures go smoothly and are done more thoroughly for good results.

5. The process of inspecting and maintaining dental handpieces lets you find out early if repairs may be necessary. When repairs are needed, it is best to get them made early as this will ensure the handpieces operates better and lasts longer.

The five reasons above are not the only reasons that are important but they are among the most important. You have a lot invested in all of the equipment used in your dental practice and taking proper care of it is protecting that investment.

Your dental handpieces are an important part of your dental equipment so it is well worth your time to take good care of it. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.


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