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Dental Practitioners Now Investing in the Health of Their Staff and Patients with the Aerosol Control System for COVID-19

Despite the recent release on restrictions of the safer-at-home movement as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many individuals – particularly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions – are still fearful of venturing away from their homes.

Telemedicine appointments are at an all-time high. While beneficial, there are just some appointments that must be handled in person, like those associated with oral health.

Dentist Patient and Staff

As a dental practitioner, it’s quite likely that you have seen a decline in appointments. This is to be expected; however, there is a way that you may be able to increase the number of patients that you see. That is, to integrate the Aerosol Control System for COVID-19 into your facility.

What is the Aerosol Control System for COVID-19?

The Aerosol Control System for COVID-19 is a uniquely designed unit that completely removes a wide assortment of contaminants.

These are created during dental procedures. Examples include dust, saliva droplets, water droplets, solution droplets infected by saliva, aerosols, mucus, blood, and viruses.

This system utilizes a highly advanced filtration system that is designed to trap and immediately kill both bacteria and viruses.

Its efficiency level measures in at over 99.9%.

The Quattro filter lends to its overall success.

Dentists that have a desire to create a sterile, highly sanitized environment are now utilizing these devices to help protect their staff members and their patients from the coronavirus, as well as other types of infectious diseases.

DuraMax X1 Protection

Why is This System Needed?

While it is true that you and other members of your staff likely utilize cleansing agents, solutions, and disinfectants on a regular basis to clean, disinfect, and sterilize your dental instruments, office furniture, counters, and other components of your facility, the Dental Aerosol Control System provides an additional layer of protection that helps protect people from infectious diseases.

During the treatments that you perform, a large number of droplets, aerosols, and bodily fluids are emitted into the air and have the capability of remaining there for several hours.

While personal protective equipment and other protective devices will provide protection, this additional layer of protection truly assists in safeguarding against dangerous diseases, such as COVID-19.

Additional Protection

In addition to the Dental Aerosol Control System for COVID-19, you can provide an additional layer of protection for you, your staff, and your patients by integrating dental face shields into your practice. These are exceptionally high in demand due to the coronavirus.

Today, you are able to get a pack of 25 for just $200! That is just $8.00 per shield and the protection that it will provide each person that works or visits your facility is absolutely priceless!

In today’s world of the rapidly spreading and evolving coronavirus it is more important – than ever before – to ensure that you have optimal coverage for everyone in your facility – be it patients or staff.

By combining the aerosol control system and the face shields, you will have a competitive edge, in terms of protection.

The Oral Health Care Profession

As an oral health care professional, you know and understand that yours is one of the most intimate of all the healthcare professions. The oral health care profession is also one of the most important of all the healthcare professions.

Given the circumstances and the fact that we are amidst a global pandemic, it is at all not surprising that more dental appointments are being cancelled and/or postponed than ever before. Unfortunately, this puts patients at risk for devastating dental health and general health complications.

By placing the Dental Aerosol Control System for COVID-19 into your practice, your patients will have the confidence to venture out and receive their oral health care at your practice. In addition to this, those that work in your practice will have the confidence that they are safe and protected while at work.

Order Your Equipment

We here at Hughes Dental now have the Aerosol Control System for COVID-19 available for dental practitioners. Current delivery time is 30 days.

It is essential that you act now to reserve this system as we expect that the demand will increase dramatically for these systems within the next couple of weeks. The face shields are currently in high demand and are going quite fast. Act now to reserve your products.

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