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We are certified  handpiece experts and we know your concerns when it comes to handpiece repair. We give the highest quality repair by using qualified technicians and the best replacement parts available… and always at a good price!

  1. After receiving your handpiece our technicians will run the instrument to determine the problem. We will check all functions, including bearings, chuck, air, water leaks and clogs.
  2. We will always notify you when any repair requires more than a standard rebuild per our price sheet.
  3. We will always contact you when a handpiece is not worthy of repair.
  4. If your handpiece does not need repair, we will notify you.
  5. We will instruct your staff on proper care and maintenance of your handpiece.
  6. We strive for 24 hour turnaround on air instruments and most always meet the challenge.
  7. Estimates available upon request.

Don’t be fooled by bargain repair, service, and handpiece prices. You can fully trust Hughes to get your repair done right, the first time!

High Speed Dental Handpiece Repairs

6 Month Warranty $89 includes complete turbine rebuild, handpiece cleaning and basic water and air line cleaning, performance and safety tests.

Midwest Tradition/Quiet Air/XGT/8000i $89.00
Midwest STYLUS (new Turbine) $149.00
Star 430/431 (Lube Type) $89.00
Star 430SWL/431SWL/430K(Lube Free) $159.00
Star Solara (Lube Free) $159.00
KaVo (all models) $89.00
Lares 557/757 $89.00
Impact Air 45 Surgical $89.00
Athena Champion & Other Canister Models $89.00
NSK (most models) $89.00
W&H/Adec $89.00
Shein Master $89.00
Sirona $89.00
Most New Replacement Turbines $139.00 W/9 month warranty
Our New Replacement No Lube Turbines For Star $215.00 W/9 Month Warranty
Fiber optic repair & head rebrazing Call for pricing
Convert Midwest Standard to Lever $195.00 W/ 9 month warranty
Electric & Endo Contra Angles (most models)Aseptico by estimate

Low Speed Handpiece Repairs

1 year Warranty $165

Midwest Shorty 1&2 Speed $165.00
Midwest Tru-Torc 1&2 Speed $165.00
Midwest Rhino $165.00
Athena Champion Little Guy $165.00
Star Titan I, II, III $165.00
KaVo (all series) $265.00
W&H $165.00 – $199.00
Micromite $165.00
NSK (most models) $165.00
Electric & Endo Contra Angles (most models)Aseptico By Estimate
Micro Mega, Tulsa, Shein Master, Maxima, Acclean and many more. By Estimate
Electric motors and attachments
Kavo, Midwest, Bien Air, Shein, Sirona, Star
by Estimate:

Electric motors and attachments

by Estimate & 6 month warranty: Kavo, Midwest, Bien Air, Shein, Sirona, Star, Aseptico

Surgical Drills

Hall, Stryker, 3M, Ace Surgical, Aesculap, Anspach, Aro, Brown, Codman, Depuy, MicroAire, Microtek, Midas Rex, Tava, Triton, Sarns, Synthes, Zimmer Warranty varies by manufacturer.

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