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Signs Your Dental Handpieces Need to Be Serviced or Replaced

Dental Handpieces need service

The dental handpieces that you utilize in your practice are comprised of a variety of precision parts, which move in perfect levels of synchronization, at very high speeds. The purpose of these dental instruments is to provide perfect and exceptionally powerful cutting ability.

Dental handpieces allow clinicians – just like yourself – to remove the structure of a tooth in a highly efficient manner, while ensuring a patient’s comfort level.

Their power, the size of the head, the weight of the instrument, and the ease of use are all highly critical components. In some instances, dental handpieces need to be serviced or repaired. In this guide, you will learn what signs to watch for.


The general lifespan of a dental handpiece directly correlates to how much it is utilized and how well your practice maintains the instrument.

This helps to ensure the safety of your patients and ensures optimal productivity in your clinic. To understand the maintenance requirements of your dental handpieces, you should refer to the recommendations as offered by the manufacturer of the unit.

Signs That Indicate a Potential Issue

Despite manufacturer recommendations, there are several signs that could indicate that a dental handpiece needs to be serviced, or completely replaced. The following outlines the most common signs:

  • If the dental instrument starts to make strange or unusual sounds that are not common to the device, it could indicate some inner component needs to be serviced.
  • High levels of vibrations in dental handpieces commonly indicate an issue.
  • If the dental instrument starts to become hotter than usual, maintenance or repair is likely necessary.
  • If the torque or the power starts to dwindle with the dental handpiece, you should have the instrument evaluated by a dental handpiece repair technician.
  • If the bur starts to slip, there is an issue that needs to be contended with as quickly as possible.
  • If you notice that the water or misting component of the dental handpiece is sluggish or not spraying properly, it is time for your instrument to be inspected by a professional.

Effects of Poorly Maintained Dental Handpieces

If you fail to properly maintain, service, or repair your dental handpieces, there are many situations that may occur.

First, you will sacrifice the comfort level of your patients. Second, you may put your own health in jeopardy – due to excessive noise or vibrations. You will lose power, which could result in loss of productivity within your practice.

You may subject your dental practice to higher expenses due to having completely replace the dental handpieces that you use in the facility.

Maintenance and servicing are relatively inexpensive, compared to replacing dental handpieces.

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