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Simple Steps for Extending the Life of Your Sirona Dental Handpieces

sirona-dental-handpiecesSimple Steps for Extending the Life of Your Sirona Dental Handpieces

If you use Sirona dental handpieces in your practice, it is imperative that you know a few steps that will aid in ensuring that the life of those dental instruments is enhanced. Despite being among the most durable dental handpieces available on the market, your Sirona instruments are sure to experience functionality issues and other types of complications if they are not properly maintained.

In this guide, we will provide you with the steps that you need to prevent expensive repairs and extend the life of your Sirona dental handpieces. By following the tips below, you are sure to find that your handpieces operate optimally and last a very long time:

  1. The first step to caring for your Sirona dental handpieces is to ensure that you consistently utilize the cleaner or lubricant that is designed for the instrument. This information may be found in the manufacturer paperwork. The information contained within this paperwork will instruct you on how to care for the nozzles, the couplers, the adapters, and other components of your dental handpiece.
  2. The second step is to make certain that you avoid wiping your Sirona handpiece with a chemical-based disinfectant. This is because when the instrument is heated, the chemicals have the potential to react with the metal casing. As a result, buildup and corrosion may occur and the lifespan of the instrument may be reduced.
  3. If your Sirona handpiece has a LED lens or an installed fiber optic, it is essential that you clean these components properly. Immediate after each use, simply run the instrument under water. You should then gently wipe the lens and/or fiber optic to remove debris. If you fail to take this step, debris will accumulate in these areas and will result in poor lighting to perform procedures.
  4. Once you have used your dental handpieces, you should always allow them to cool naturally. If you run them under water to cool them more quickly, it could result in damage to the turbine.
  5. You should never set the air pressure too high. If you must make adjustments, you should always ensure to follow the manufacturer guidelines that came with your instrument.
  6. It is important to make certain that you apply oil appropriately to the dental instrument. Failure to do so could result in the substance not reaching the bearings.
  7. Once you use lubricant on your dental handpiece, it is important to ensure that you run the instrument to expel any excess. This should always be done prior to the autoclaving procedure.

As you can see from the information contained in this brief guide, there are many basic steps to getting the most out of and extending the life of your Sirona dental handpieces.

If you require any assistance with any of these steps or need help in general maintenance and repair of your Sirona dental handpieces, you may contact Hughes Dental today by calling.


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