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Sirona dental handpieces are among the most popular of all dental instruments in use today. Sirona is considered the world’s single largest manufacturer of technological instruments and dental appliances. Furthermore, it is a company that has gained the respect of being highly innovative when it comes to the world of dentistry. Numerous dental practices, dental-based clinics, laboratories, and distributors of dental products consider Sirona dental handpieces and other products created and distributed by the company the highest quality and most preferred in the industry.

Our technicians here at Hughes Dental Repair are certified to maintain and repair all of your Sirona dental handpieces.

In the year of 1887, Sirona invented the very first dental drill that was electrically powered. Since that time, the company has been the leader of the technical progress associated with the dental industry. In fact, Sirona has set the standard in dental-based treatments, technology, and products.

The products that have been created by this company have assisted the industry in numerous ways. First, the devices have assisted in optimizing the workflow within dental practices. Second, the products have optimized the patient experience.

Dentists who use Sirona dental handpieces and other dental products created by Sirona have been found to have the highest level of success within their practice.

The professionals that we employ at Hughes Dental Repair believe that the products and the services offered by Sirona have the highest technical-based quality and are backed by the true innovation that has led the industry to achieve the progress that it has experienced. They each hold the certification and expertise to repair the Sirona dental handpieces and to maintain those handpieces so that they provide the optimal experience for your dental practice and your patients. We have a detailed quality management and technology program that allows our technicians to properly troubleshoot Sirona dental handpieces, identify the issue associated with the dental handpieces, and provide both basic and comprehensive maintenance to the handpieces.

In addition to Sirona dental handpieces, we also service and perform maintenance on all other brands of dental handpieces. It does not matter if you have low-speed dental handpieces, high-speed dental handpieces, air-driven dental handpieces, electric-driven dental handpieces, or surgical-based dental handpieces. We have the technical expertise, the mechanical knowledge, and knowledge to replace all parts of those handpieces, ensure optimal working order on those handpieces, and will back our work, 100%.

By shipping your Sirona dental handpieces and other types of dental handpieces to Hughes Dental Repair today, your dental practice will experience, firsthand, very fast, personal, professional service at the most competitive price! Hughes Dental Repair has repaired and maintained Sirona dental handpieces and other types of handpieces since the year of 1997.

Sirona offers value and quality. It is our goal to offer you the same value and quality. By reviewing our website, you will find that we offer a wide range of products, services, and specials for dental practices that enjoy the quality and functionality of Sirona dental handpieces. Contact us today for more information: 800-773-0800

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