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Spotting Counterfeit NSK Highspeed Handpieces

It has been an interesting week.  I knew there were a lot of bootleg products from China out there but really had not run across any.

High Speed Dental Handpieces

This week I had 4 counterfeit NSK highspeed handpieces come in for service along with some very dangerous lab burs that would bend with any pressure and spin wildly.  They looked like the real thing but lacked FDA certification and also lacked the CE markings.

The complaint for the highspeeds was lack of power and they were only a few weeks old. The lab burs were from a separate office and they were concerned with the safety and wanted me to test them.

When I opened  up the highspeeds they had very cheap canister turbines in them, not the traditional NSK style turbine for that model.   The turbines were covered in grease.  How much you want to bet that the grease was not food grade and was certainly wasn’t something you would want in your mouth!

I let the Dr. know that I had an FDA legal turbine that would fit the handpiece that he could install himself but I did not want the liability of servicing a non FDA approved devise.

He stated that he should have known the price was too good to be true and asked me to destroy them and recommend a good inexpensive handpiece. 

I did an internet search and found the handpieces that he purchased available from China for $49.00.  The genuine NSK model sells for around $800.00.

Be assured that all of our high-quality replacement turbines, burs, and all our new handpieces and products have passed all the regulatory hurdles and certainly are safe to use.

I suggested either the Mk-dent Eco line highspeeds or the M/products/k-dent basic line highspeeds.  These are great handpieces that retail at $295.00 each, even less when you buy 3 or more. I have placed these in many of my correctional accounts where cost and longevity is very important and they have held up extremely well.

Looking for something a little better with a quick connect? 

The Mk-dent Prime Line will give handpieces costing twice as much a run for the money and the MK-dent Classic line will give you the quick connect at a great value.

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