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Simple Strategies for Effectively Caring for and Maintaining the Dental Handpieces in Your Practice

As a dental practitioner, it is essential that you are able to get the absolute best performance and the longest level of longevity from your dental handpieces. These are delicate dental instruments that have the potential to fail in a premature manner if they are not properly cared for and maintained. In fact, the most common reason behind handpiece failures is poor care and maintenance – not so much from neglect, as it is from just a limited level of knowledge on the strategies required to succeed in these endeavors. In this guide, we will review a few simple strategies that will keep your dental handpieces functioning properly and optimally for several years to come!

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  1. Thorough Exterior Cleaning – The first step – and often considered to be one of the most important -in caring for and maintaining your dental handpieces is to ensure that you clean the exterior surface of the instrument thoroughly and on a regular basis. You should not completely submerge the instrument in the water or place it immediately into any chemical. Do not place handpieces in any type of ultrasonic cleaner, either. Simply use a bit of warm water and/or alcohol with a bristle brush that has soft or medium bristles to clean the exterior area of the device.
  2. Disinfector Washers Acceptable with Caution – You may clean your dental handpieces in a washer disinfector system, but you must proceed with caution. Once the wash cycle is completely finished, immediately remove the dental instrument. If you leave the instrument in too long, it could result in the formation of rust, damage to the internal components, and other types of issues that could lead to premature failure.
  3. Internal Cleaning and Lubrication – When caring for and maintaining your dental handpieces, it is essential to clean and lubricate the internal components of the instruments on a regular basis. You should use only the highest-quality oils for lubrication. Use the pointed adapter for oil insertion for the spindle and/ or chuck component of the instrument. Simply spray in the oil for approximately 2 seconds. You will know that you are done with the task when oil comes from the head of the instrument. Once you are done, run the handpiece for about 20 seconds to ensure that any excess is properly expelled.
  4. Sterilization – Once you have expelled all additional lubrication, you should engage in the sterilization process. This will vary from one manufacturer to another, so you must be certain to properly read and follow all manufacturer paperwork on your particular handpieces. If you have a dry cycle on the sterilization unit that you have, be certain to use it. Once the autoclaving process is finished, always remove the instrument from the sterilization system immediately.
  5. Cooling and Drying -The final aspect to caring for and maintaining your dental handpieces is to allow the instrument to cool and completely dry. You will need to store it in such a way that the head is actually in the upright position. While cooling, the interior components will dry automatically. You should never force-cool the instrument. It is best to perform these steps at the close of the business day. That way, by the time the following shift arrives, the instruments are completely ready for use.

By following the steps above will keep your instruments in the best working order and will increase the lifespan of each, significantly.

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