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Midwest Shorty Tech Tip

Here is a tech tip for  Midwest Shorty users from Hughes Dental LLC, a  family owned handpiece repair company that has been a trusted repair center for over 17 years.  If the Midwest Shorty suddenly no longer operates, make sure the forward/reverse valve is fully depressed as shown in the photo below.  It is not unusual for us to get a Midwest Shorty in for service when it is in great operating condition but the valve is not fully depressed placing it in the “neutral” position. This holds true for the Midwest Tru Torq as well.  Occasionally we get a call from a customer after the handpiece was rebuilt saying it isn’t working when all that is needed is to take it out of neutral. Since it was just serviced the valve will now operate easily as it was designed to do. Many offices never use the forward/reverse valve so they just don’t realize that they bumped the valve and never think to check it.

Two speed version of the Midwest Shorty or Midwest TruTorq

PLEASE make sure that you NEVER change speeds without allowing the handpiece come to a complete stop.  Changing speeds while the handpiece is still moving will cost you money! The speed change ring must also be fully turned to the stop point or you will hear the clutch “clicking”.   Do not operate if you hear the clutch clicking.  Stop and twist the speed change ring left and right again to fully seat the clutch pins. If you cannot eliminate the clicky noise, it is time for service. This tech tip can save you precious down time and an unnecessary low speed handpiece repair!

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Shorty Forward/Reverse Valve


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