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Technological Dental Industry Trends for 2022

For many decades, the dental industry has turned to technology in order to manage the administrative side of their practice and effectively manage their patients. In 2020, technology seemed to take on a whole new role in the industry with the arrival of COVID-19 and its associated varieties in the United States.

In fact, most of the new trends have emerged based on the complications that this virus caused to dental industry professionals during the periods of rapid spread and the shut-down that occurred that same year.

In this guide, we will highlight the top-trending technologies that are sure to abound in 2022, and beyond!

Dentist on Computer

1. Digital Dentistry

We live, work, and play in a world that is heavily reliant upon digital-based systems and associated equipment. As a result, dental industry professionals are starting to turn to digital dentistry.

Examples of this technology include digital dental impressions for the development of veneers and crowns as well as the fabrication of dental-based restorations.

It has been established that digital impressions and digital dentistry – as a whole – are more stable in terms of dimensionally and have a higher level of accuracy.

Additionally, CAD-CAM systems may be used in conjunction with digital dentistry images in order to complete tasks in a facility rather than externally.

2. Advanced Remineralization Methods

Root caries is a challenging dental issue that affects millions. In years past, surgical restorations have been performed to correct caries within the roots of teeth. Now, a minimally invasive model is being created that is technologically advanced.

One of the most popular utilizes silver diamine fluoride. This promises to become more widely used in high-risk patients.

There are teams working on a remineralization model that combines enhanced remineralization with electrical acceleration.

Not only will this technological trend help in restoring roots impacted by caries, but it will eventually be used to also provide mineralization to both the enamel of the teeth and the dentine tissue within the mouth.

3. 3D Printing Technology

Dental treatments are known for being extremely time-consuming. Laboratories are responsible for creating restorations. Now, 3D printing technology is being used.

For those that have a desire to create in-house dental restorations quickly that are accurate and more aesthetically-pleasing, 3D printing is the way to go!

By combining 3D printing technology with CAD-CAM technology, computer-generated manufacturing may now occur within the office! In the future, it is believed that 3D printing technology will also aid in the development of 3D teeth! As time advances, there are sure to be many new products emerging from this 2022 dental industry trend.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is starting to make its way into the dental industry. While it is true that it is moving a bit slowly, it is sure to take off this year.

Practitioners are starting to discover that artificial intelligence can assist in record management, imaging of a diagnostic nature, and even in making clinical-based decisions.

Once practitioners start to experience the immense benefits of AI and its unique ability to “learn” there are sure to be many creative ways it will be used within the dental industry.

5. Augmented Reality

One of the main jobs of dental practitioners and students is to continue their learning as they advance in the field. One way this is made possible is through clinicals. However, this is all about to change.

Now, augmented reality may be used to teach without the need of having real patients to practice on.

This type of virtual reality will allow practitioners and students to learn anything, at any time, anywhere! Additionally, augmented reality will take on a new role in the education and the counseling of patients. Augmented reality allows for the interactive and the virtual. It is safe, it is extensive, and it is a wonderful addition to dental practices, worldwide.

6. LED Treatments

Companies that specialize in the oral care of patients and offer oral care products are starting to experience high demand for therapies that are designed to improve dental health. As a result, LED products that use red lights and infrared lighting are now starting to emerge in the dental industry.

LED helps in providing a boost to the circulation of the gums and also eliminate harmful bacteria and other substances from the mouth. Additionally, they aid in making the teeth whiter and in reducing any type of pain or discomfort in the mouth and to those that wear aligners and braces.

By the end of 2022, we are sure to find that more and more practitioners turn to LED treatments.

7. Teledentistry

Of course, one of the main and most popular of all technological trends in the dental industry is the arrival of teledentistry. Practitioners may offer telehealth appointments when patients only require a visit or simply communication. If no physical treatments are needed, this is a safe alternative for appointments.

Patients simply log in to the appointment session using a cell phone. Then, the practitioner and the patient are able to see one another and communicate.

This is also an excellent service for patients who want immediate advice while they are waiting to see their dentist in person.


2022 promises to be a year where we will see many new dental trends that are technologically-based. In addition to those outlined in this guide, more and more practices are starting to use online dental handpiece maintenance and repair services. This is where we here at Hughes Dental can assist you! Simply take the dental handpieces that you need inspected, maintained, and/or repaired, place them in a box for shipping, and print out the free shipping label from our website. Place this label on the box and put it in your mailbox. You do not even have to leave the property of your practice! We are licensed and insured and offered the most comprehensive service with the most competitive prices. To learn more or to talk to one of our technicians, you may contact us by calling the following number: 1-800-773-0800

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