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The 3 Most Popular StarDental® High-Speed Dental Handpieces

star 430swlStarDental® is considered to be an industry leader in dental handpieces. The company specializes in high-speed dental handpieces, low-speed dental handpieces, electric dental handpieces, turbines, and more! In most instances, these products are referred to, simply, as “Star dental Handpieces”. If you have a desire to utilize dental handpieces that include a high level of torque, you will want to choose high-speed dental handpieces. These types of dental instruments offer a large amount of strength and an exceptional level of durability. While there are many different types of Star dental handpieces currently available on the market, we will outline the 3 most popular StarDental® high-speed dental handpieces in this guide.

The 430 Series High-Speed Star Dental Handpiece
If you are in the market for a fiber optic dental handpiece for your practice, you should opt for the 430 Series High-Speed Star Dental Handpiece. According to statistics, this is the #1 dental handpiece when it comes to fiber optics technology. One of the main reasons why this dental instrument is so popular is that it has ceramic bearings which increase the life of the turbine. Based on studies, ceramic-based bearings are 25% more harder than those that are composed of stainless steel. This makes the bearing more resistant to damage from the debris that may enter the turbine region during use. Additionally, the ceramic construction makes the handpiece up to 50% lighter than dental handpieces that have stainless steel bearings. This means that they are easier to hold and use. Additionally, the friction associated with the bearing retainer is drastically reduced. This high-speed dental handpiece by StarDental® also offers the following:

  • Rod-based fiber optics composed of solid glass
  • A 360° HiFlo Swivel
  • LubeFree or Lubricated

The Solara® QT StarDental® High-Speed Handpiece Series
One of the main issues associated with dental handpieces is weight. If you are in search of a dental instrument that will not weigh you and the services that you provide down, you are sure to appreciate the Solara® QT StarDental® high-speed handpiece series. This instrument is approximately 20% lighter than other dental handpieces that are currently on the market. Due to its lightweight construction, you will no longer suffer from wrist stress, finger stress, and fatigue. In addition to this, this dental handpiece offers the following:

The Concentrix® Dental Handpiece
If you are in the market for a budget-friendly Star dental handpiece, you will love the Concentrix® Star dental handpiece. These instruments are manufactured within the United States and typically sell for prices ranging from the $200s – $400s. This instrument offers a traditional-based bur retention that includes a friction-based grip, a manual bur and chuck tool, and the convenience of a push-button for changing burs. Dentists enjoy this instrument because it includes precise high-speed bearings that are lubricated. This allows for extreme accuracy when it comes to preparing the surface of the teeth. Additionally, this handpiece offers:

  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • An immense amount of power and handpiece torque
  • Glass rod fiber optics that provides illumination without shadows

As you can see, there are many wonderful and exciting options when it comes to Star dental handpieces. When it is time to service of all your products offered by StarDental®, visit us at Hughes Dental today! We service all the top brands of dental handpieces, and more!

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