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Each and every single day, we here at Hughes Dental are providing the tools, resources, and services that are designed to empower dentists, practitioners, and others in the dental industry so that the smiles and oral health of millions of patients are optimized. We are dedicated to delivering the most meaning in terms of innovation and client focus. We believe in developing a partnership with our clients so that we are viewed as a trusted partner.

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It does not matter if you specialize in the broad spectrum of dental-based treatments or specialize in a specific field, you can trust the distinguished and extensive portfolio of instruments that we offer. Each product that we offer exhibits the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

Our Sirona product line is one such example. This instrument series will not only improve the functionality of your dental handpieces, but you will also experience the best in ergonomics, the best in quality, and the best in service. Continue reading to become familiar with our extensive line of Sirona products and other types of accessories.

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Sirona T2 Control Highspeed Optic Handpiece for Kavo Coupler

This premium-class optic highspeed optic handpiece is composed of the highest quality titanium currently available on the market. It contains ceramic-composed bearings that are light and offer the most powerful turbine of any handpiece accessory on the market. The optic rod is composed of high-grade glass that is resistant to all sterilization processes. Designed for the accommodation of the Kavo coupler, this accessory is backed by a 2-year warranty. You are completely covered by electing to purchase this accessory!

Sirona T2 Control Optic Highspeed for W&H Coupler

This ergonomically-correct W&H coupler compatible control optic accessory includes a sprayer with a total of 3 nozzles, a ball bearing that is composed of lightweight ceramic, and a chuck that is controlled by a 22-watt push-button control mechanism. If you are in the market for control, quality, and power, this is a must-have for your dental practice. You are also sure to love the way that this instrument looks and the unique way that it holds while working with your patients. We believe in only the best for our clients as you believe in only the best for your patients.

Sirona T2 Control Optic Titanium Highspeed for NSK Coupler

This NSK coupler highspeed device is ranked as one of the most popular in the T2 titanium dental handpiece instrument line. Backed by a 2-year warranty, you are sure to appreciate the increased durability offered by the plated surface coated in luxurious titanium and the lightweight associated with the device. You maintain complete control over the torque and may easily control the stability of the device.

Sirona T2 Control Optic Titanium Highspeed for Sirona Coupler

If you have the need for a high-speed dental handpiece coupler designed for the Sirona, you will absolutely love this uniquely-created accessory. The amazing titanium surface plating not only delivers an aesthetically-pleasing piece, but it also optimizes the durability and overall life of the dental handpiece accessory. Equipped with a 1.6mm control feature and the ability to undergo high-temperature sterilization, this is the economic choice for dental practices.

Sirona T3 Racer Mini Fixed 4-Hole Backend 59 37 276

In need of a powerful turbine that may be used in tight spaces? This T3 racer mini is perfect! It is a single-spray accessory that includes an anti-retraction valve. It is a non-optic 4-hole that includes a push-button switch that allows you to maintain full control over the device. The ergonomic design not only allows you to reach those hard-to-reach locations, but also goes easy on your hands, wrists, and arms. The 4-hole feature offers the highest level of compatibility.

Sirona T3 Racer Mini Head Non-Optic Highspeed for NSK Coupler

In search of an attachment for the NSK dental handpiece? Look no further than the non-optic racer mini head non-optic accessory! This unit includes the Protective Head System (PHS) and a highly innovative and technologically-advanced anti-retraction valve that will allow you to perform at optimal capacity. It includes a 4-way spraying device that is backed by an extensive warranty for your dental practice.

Sirona T3 Racer Mini Head Non-Optic Highspeed for Sirona Coupler

This economically-correct dental handpiece accessory is designed to fit onto the Sirona coupler. It is a click & go unit that has anti-retraction technology and includes the head system that protects while you work! It may be sterilized in high temperatures to ensure that germs, bacteria, and viruses are eliminated from the surface immediately. The push-button chuck measures in at an amazing 1.6mm. An extremely powerful device, yet in a small package!

Sirona T3 Racer Mini Head Non-Optic Highspeed for W&H Coupler

This racer mini accessory is designed to pack a punch and perform optimally. One of the smallest, but most powerful accessories available on the market today for the W&H dental handpieces. With just a click, this instrument is designed to go! It combines style, durability, and an ergonomic design to allow practitioners to reach those tight spaces with ease. Best of all, it comes at a great, low price for its overall quality!

Sirona T3 Racer Non-Optic Highspeed for Kavo Coupler

Complete with a 4-spray small head, this racer for the Kavo coupler has a Protective Head System that allows for you to enjoy the most powerful torque in the safest manner possible. The 1.6mm chuck is push-button for easy initiation. This instrument is backed with a 2-year warranty and is safe for most sterilization systems that dental practitioners utilize today.

Sirona T3 Racer Standard Head Fixed 4-Hole Backend

This multi-functional, 4-hole backend includes an anti-retraction valve, single-spray technology, and a high level of compatibility for your dental handpieces. Though non-optic, it delivers on speed, power, and reliability. You can perform absolutely any job with the included standard head and the immensely powerful turbine that is onboard. This instrument accessory is easily cleaned through most standard sterilization systems.

Hughes Dental Promise

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We here at Hughes Dental have nearly two and a half decades of experience in delivering high-quality and superior customer service to the dental practitioners that we collaborate with on a regular basis. We ensure that you get the maximum value for the money that you spend.

By utilizing the highest quality products at the absolute best prices of any of our competitors, we promise your satisfaction. If you aren’t – for some reason – we will work with the highest level of diligence to correct any issue. In addition to outstanding quality in our products, we also offer repair services, maintenance services, and direct assistance with any dental handpiece issue that you may encounter.

It does not matter which branch of dentistry in which you practice or if you specialize in all specialties, you are sure to discover that our products and services will provide an instant boost to your business! We always strive to deliver only the most outstanding results.

We believe that all dentist practitioners should place an emphasis on precise outcomes. This is why we focus on delivering precise outcomes when it comes to our products and our service. It does not matter if you prefer Sirona products or other types of products, we have the capability and skill to assist you.

By working with us here at Hughes Dental, you will find that direct application encounters and all work measures you engaged in are completely optimized. For more information on our services, products, and rates, you may call us directly today with the following number: 1-800-773-0800

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