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10 Steps to Choosing a Dental Handpiece Maintenance and Repair Technician

As a dental practitioner, you know and understand that the dental handpieces that you utilize are the single most important tools of your trade. This dental tool is a fundamental type of device that can enhance the daily routines, tasks, and activities of your practice. If your dental handpieces are not properly maintained, they have the potential to become a burden to your practice. Due to this fact, it is imperative that you choose a dental handpiece maintenance and repair technician. In this guide, you will be introduced to several steps that will lend to your overall success in this endeavor.


Step 1: Choose a Technician That Offers a Broad Spectrum of Services

When researching dental handpiece technicians, it is critical that you only choose those that offer a large variety of services. They should know how to break the instrument down and engage in the cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of any necessary components.

The professional should be able to quickly identify issues with the instrument and make the necessary repairs or replacement. You will need a technician that is capable of both maintenance and repairs. It is also important that they know how to identify when a dental handpiece should be completely replaced.

Step 2: Price Transparency

A professional dental handpiece technician that is credible and trustworthy will be completely transparent when it comes to the services that they provide and the costs associated with those services.

Before maintaining or repairing your handpiece, they should be upfront about what it will cost. It is best to opt for those that are not hesitant in providing written quotes. That way, you are never surprised with a large invoice following the work.

Step 3: Thorough Evaluations of Dental Handpieces

When shopping around for a dental handpiece maintenance and repair technician, it is critical that you only choose among those that commit to offering a thorough inspection of your instrument. They should run the device to determine its mechanical capabilities. Then, they should individually inspect each component and feature associated with the dental handpiece instrument to determine what is in need of immediate attention.

Step 4: Communicates Regularly

The dental handpiece technician that you choose should communicate with you on a regular basis. After performing their inspection, they should contact you with all of the details associated with what was found. Then, they should be open and express exactly how much it will cost, what steps will need to be taken, and what parts will be needed.

Communication is an essential component of the professional relationship that you and your technician will develop.

Step 5: Fast Working

The dental handpiece is a requirement in your practice. You should not be made to wait extended amounts of time for it or an equivalent replacement to be sent back to you. Therefore, you should only choose those dental handpiece maintenance and repair technicians that work to quickly maintain, repair, or replace your dental instrument. You should never sacrifice your dental instruments to professionals that fail to respect your time and your dental practice.

Step 6: Free Shipping

The dental instrument repair and maintenance technician should offer free shipping to your practice. Many will allow you to print out the shipping label so that it may be attached to the shipping container and mailed right off from your dental practice. While you may choose a technician that does not offer free shipping, this is actually a sign that the technician respects your business and appreciates it. You should not have to sacrifice time away from your patients to run a dental handpiece to a local post office to ship it for maintenance and/or repair.

Step 7: Promise of Satisfaction

The dental handpiece technician that has the skills, knowledge, and tools to properly repair or perform maintenance on your dental handpieces should offer a promise of satisfaction. They should be committed to providing you the maximum value for the price that you pay for their services.

They should offer you a commitment to get it right the first time. If – for some reason – you are not satisfied, they should be willing to do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction, at no additional cost to you.

Step 8: High-Quality Products

Sometimes, your dental handpiece will need to be repaired. The technician that you choose should offer only the highest-quality products. This type of dental instrument must be used in a multitude of applications. The last thing you want is one that includes cheap parts and components. In doing so, you not only risk the satisfaction of your patients, you put your entire dental practice at risk for liability.

Step 9: Extensive Experience

When looking for a dental instrument maintenance and repair technician, make sure that they have extensive experience. Those that have been in business for more than one or two decades are those that know the most about your dental instruments. They are knowledgeable, credible, and usually backed by a large assortment of good reviews. Be sure that you analyze all reviews that you can. If previous clients have been satisfied, it is quite likely that you will be satisfied, too!

Step 10: Services Popular Makes and Models

Finally, you will want to choose a dental handpiece maintenance and repair technician that services all of the most popular dental handpiece makes and models. This way, regardless of what type you purchase for your practice, the technician is capable of servicing it. Examples of the top products in the dental handpiece industry include Kavo, Lares, Midwest, MK-dent, NSK, Lab, Sirona, Star, Patterson, and more!

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