Kavo Dental Handpiece Repair and Parts

Kavo Dental Handpiece Repair

kavo 635B handpiece repairYour Kavo highspeed, lowspeed or electric handpiece is not working properly and you need it back immediately. At Hughes our certified handpiece repair technicians will repair your Kavo handpiece to like-new condition the same day we receive it. Hughes’ professionally trained technicians back all their work with warranties and only use the highest quality parts.

24-hour turnaround!
Your repair will be completed in one business day, not including transit time to and from our location. That’s right, 95% of all repairs are done the same day we receive them. Repairs requesting estimates generally are repaired the same day an estimate is approved. All electric handpieces will be examined and you will be notified with a free estimate. Include your email address for fastest estimate.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Every repair we perform is 100% guaranteed.

Standard overhaul includes:

  • Replacement of bearings, o-rings and seals. (The entire turbine will be replaced if requested or if it fails any of our pre repair & safety tests).
  • We offer both Ceramic and Stainless Steel replacement bearings.
  • Concentricity check
  • RPM check
  • Operating temperature check
  • Cleaning of air and water lines
  • Cleaning of optics if possible.
  • Cleaning and polishing of external shell
  • Replacement of end gasket
  • Testing under load of 32 to 40 psi

Loose head on your Kavo? We can fix that too.  Kavo head remounting is only $125.00

Click here for shipping label and repair form to get a free estimate on all Kavo air and electric handpieces and motors.  We are a professionally trained repair facility.

Questions? Call 1-800-773-0800. (Tap to call on mobile)