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Bearings for Your Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces are considered to be exceptionally hard on the turbine bearings that they include. According to research, these components of the dental handpieces that you use in your practice have to operate at excessively high speeds. In some instances, those speeds reach 500,000 RPMs. This fact, combined with the fact that your dental handpieces must be continuously sterilized, may result in the bearings within your handpieces to fail at exceptionally fast rates. These rates may occur even more quickly if there is a high level of operating debris accumulated on the device. We here at Hughes Dental offer bearings that have the capability of increasing the life of your dental handpieces and reducing the operation costs. Continue reading for more information on what we have to offer and how it may benefit your dental practice.

Increased Speed
When purchasing turbines for your dental handpieces from us here at Hughes Dental, you will find that we place a special amount of attention on the inner and outside raceways associated with the bearings. The honing technique utilized on our bearings has improved the roundness of the components and have optimized the overall quality of their surface. Additionally, special inside designs have been used by the manufacturers of our bearings to increase the bearing for the capacities of both low torque and high speed. This means that the turbines that you purchase from us will have higher speed levels over the lifetime of the dental handpieces in which they are placed.

Longer Life
When purchasing tubines from us for your dental handpieces, you will find that our products have a longer life span. This is because all bearings include a higher quality sealing type of design. This aids in reducing the space that is located between the bearing inner and the integral shield by nearly 60% compared against the traditional circlip and shield designs. Almost all of our turbines have ABEC 9 rated bearings, the highest rating in the industry. This helps to reduce the chance of shield ejection, aids in retaining more amounts of lubricants, and helps in the prevention of contamination.

Less Noise
The bearings that we offer include a compact integral-based shield design and ceramic balls. Due to this fact, the dental handpieces that include these bearings make less noise during operation. This highly comfortable operating mode aids in reducing the anxiety of patients because there is not as much noise or vibrations.

All dental handpiece turbines require some type of bearing. Here at Hughes Dental, we offer a large assortment of turbines for various types of handpieces. Regardless of what type of handpiece you elect to use in your practice, the turbine bearings will play an optimal role in the functionality of your device and the comfort level of your patients. You may choose among many types of turbines in our store, or, you may ship your dental handpieces to us and we will select and install the turbine in your devices at the same price as doing it yourself.

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