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Beyes – A Manufacturer Known for Innovation, Quality, and Precision

Considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of dental appliances worldwide, Beyes is a revolutionary company in terms of innovation, quality, and precision. The instruments produced by this dental instrument company exceed all current demands – in both application and innovative technology.

The company strives to set the standard for all dental professionals by providing a comprehensive line of appliances and collaborating with both distributors and practitioners to deliver groundbreaking products that are known for their durability, functionality, and longevity.

In this guide, you will receive a break introduction to a few of the top products Beyes currently has on the market today.

The Beyes Aerosol Control System


In a world plagued by various illnesses and pathogens – like COVID-19 – this aerosol system is a must-have for all dental professionals. It is designed to remove a large assortment of contaminants during procedures.

Examples include potentially contagious droplets, synthetic aerosols, dust particles, blood droplets, bacteria, and viruses. The specially-designed 4-layer filtration system is capable of killing bacteria and viruses with nearly 100% efficiency.

Not only does this unit protect practitioners and their staff, it also creates a safe environment for patients. It is a unique system that is capable of both cleaning and disinfecting.

Beyes AirLight Plus M800P 45/K 45 Degree Surgical Head Kavo Connection

HP3037_M800 45-K

If you are in the market for a surgical head connector for your Kavo dental handpiece, the Beyes AirLight Plus is for you!

This head is optimally designed for all surgical interventions as it contains a simple-to-use auto chuck that may be activated with a push of a button and is angled at an optimal 45° angle. The internal bearings are composed of high-quality ceramics, which increases the durability and longevity of the head.

Additionally, it includes a rear exhaust, which prevents overheating. It emits only a low amount of noise, which puts your patients at ease during procedures. The LED optics allow you a clear field of vision so that you are able to perform at your best, and with ease.

Beyes AirLight Plus M800P S/ST Standard Head with Star Connection


This surgical head is designed for the Star dental handpiece. It is extremely easy to use and highly versatile. It possesses the capability of delivering coolant spray through 3 individual ports.

The push button activation makes it extremely maneuverable during challenging procedures. The ball bearings are composed of the highest quality ceramic, which reduces vibration and noise levels. Though considered to be a standard head in the industry, it displays above-standard design and mechanics.

Beyes AirLight Plus M800P-45/M4 45 Degree Surgical Head with Midwest Connection


With generator-based optics, its 45° head, and an ease of access push button that activates the auto chuck, this surgical head for the Midwest dental handpiece is a top-of-the-line and highly innovative dental instrument. The single spray feature combined with the rear exhaust not only ensures that your instrument remains at a safe temperature, but it also ensures your comfort level as well as the comfort level of your patients.

Beyes Maxo E600 Electric Micromotor System


This electric micromotor system is simple to install and to use. Constructed from solid titanium, it is not only highly durable but also extremely lightweight. The rotational control is one of the most technologically advanced currently on the market. Its extremely powerful torque will allow for optimal performance.

While it has extremely high levels of rotations each minute, it operates in a smooth and easy manner.

The combinations of technologies pertaining to heat reduction and the ripple of the torque successfully eliminates uncomfortable vibrations. Additionally, it has a very high autoclave temperature. Just mount the device, power up, and use!

Beyes Maxo X99L Electric 1:5


This contra-angle dental handpiece combines the latest technology and the most enhanced features in order to optimize productivity in your practice. It is built with the highest level of durability; therefore, it will provide the highest level of value to you and your practice.

This specially-designed handpiece provides you with the highest level of patient access and ensures that you have an optimal level of visibility while performing procedures. Its 4-port water spraying system and its unique system that combats heat retention provides superior comfort for both you and your patients. Additionally, it delivers an unparalleled level of reliability.

Slimax-C-Plus Curing Light System Blue


Light output measurement is critical when it comes to performing procedures. This curing light system integrated an automatic radiometer that provides the largest lighted area of any similar device on the market. Curing calculations are extremely simple with this device. Combined with a comprehensive lighting panel, it provides you with a complete level of control. The battery provides an amazing 850 cures on each charge. This highly durable system comes in blue to enhance the aesthetics of your practice. If you are in the market for ease-of-use, style, and performance, this curing light system is for you!

Slimax-C-Plus LED Curing Light System Pink


Want to add a little color to your practice? Now, you can! This pink curing light system will not only enhance the appearance of your practice, but it will also enhance your productivity! This amazing dental instrument includes a highly innovative radiometer that is built right into the unit. Not only does this provide ease of access to your cures, it actually calculates the curing time that is required to complete your patients’ procedures! Its aluminum body enhances its overall durability and it generates a massive amount of power. This is truly the leader in curing light systems.

Slimax-C-Plus LED Curing Light System Silver


This highly innovative silver curing light system is as productive as it is beautiful. Complete with a highly innovative LED panel, this unit provides you with complete control over the curing treatments in your practice. In fact, it actually calculates the curing times for you! It is wireless and includes an amazingly powerful Samsung lithium-ion battery that will allow you to successfully complete up to 850 cures before ever requiring a charge! Its portability will have you completing more jobs than you ever thought possible! Extremely powerful, highly durable, and built to ensure optimal longevity!

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