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Bio Pure – The Most Comprehensive Dental Suction Line Maintenance Product on the Market Today

The Bio Pure Evacuation System Cleaner is considered to be the single-most comprehensive dental suction line maintenance product on the market today. This product contains a proprietary-based microbial formula that has the unique capability of restoring the suction of the vacuum lines within the dental practice. This aids in optimizing pump capacity and eliminating the need for the daily cleaning of traps.

All of the ingredients within this product are 100% safe and completely natural. The PH of this cleansing agent is neutral. This means that it is optimal for any type of pump equipment.

Best of all, Bio Pure not only successfully cleans the dental evacuation system during use, but, it continues to clean between uses.

If you are in search of a product that will ensure the optimal functionality of your dental lines, Bio Pure is that product.

biopure-dental evacuation cleaner

More Than a Dissolve and Clean System

In the past several decades, dentists have been provided with chemicals that simply dissolve and clean the dental suction lines in their practices. Essentially, these products were nothing more than a flushing agent. While somewhat effective, they simply lacked the efficiency and comprehensive capabilities that practitioners required.

Bio Pure is a cut above all of these products. It actually utilizes a new type of science that replaces traditional chemical-based flushing agents. Live bacteria are in Bio Pure. These bacteria break down and completely digests the organic-based waste found in dental evacuation lines. It even attacks the organic debris lodged in pipes, traps, as well as the amalgam separator. The “good” microbes that are in Bio Pure make it a unique and more effective dental line maintenance product than any other product currently available on the market.

Bio Pure is not your traditional cleansing agent. It is not loaded down with a massive amount of unnatural chemicals that destroy suction lines, dental instruments, or pose a harm to practitioners or their patients. It is a natural, biological-based product that is designed to maintain and/or restore the flow of the suction lines by actively breaking down the debris within those lines and completely digesting it. In addition to eliminating debris, it eliminates the need to clean traps. Best of all, it is all natural, all safe!

If you want to experience ease in cleaning and maintaining your suction lines, get Bio Pure today:

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