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Dental Handpiece Care and Maintenance

A dental handpiece is no doubt one of the most important tool in a dental practice. It is an expensive, non-disposable dental tool that uses state-of-the art technology that is precision-made for quality and efficient application. The handpiece, its replacement parts and handpiece repair can become very expensive if care is not applied to it. Proper dental handpiece care and maintenance can lengthen its life and ensure its reliability and efficiency.

The need for proper procedures in cleaning and maintaining a dental handpiece was implemented over 20 years ago when handpieces were determined as likely carriers of bacteria via accumulation in their internal mechanisms during a dental procedure, and that the contamination could be transferred from one patient to another through their regular use.

Here is a video demonstration on dental handpiece care: how to clean a dental handpiece prior to sterilization.

You may wipe the handpiece with clean gauze and Isopropyl alcohol rather than running under water.

Also shown in Table 1, the instructions on how to care for dental handpieces during lubrication.

Lubricating Dental Handpiece via

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