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Handpiece Repair Services for Sirona Product Owners – Part 1

handpiece repair services for Sirona dental handpiecesIf your dental facility owns and utilizes Sirona dental handpieces, you will be pleased to know that Hughes Dental Repair now offers dental handpiece repair services for these high-quality products. As a dentist, you know and understand that optimal results depend on your dental knowledge, your general comfort level, and your manual skills; however, it has also been established that the instruments that you utilize during procedures has a relevant role in achieving optimal results, too. Products that are lightweight, require little effort in utilization, and are manufactured for precision will aid in the successful completion of each procedure that you perform in your practice.

Sirona dental handpieces are designed to optimize your patients’ comfort, aid in achieving precision during procedures, and your overall success. A total of three classes of Sirona dental handpieces provide you with the features that are necessary for performing the procedures within your practice. These units are backed by a high level of quality. If, for some reason, any component of your Sirona dental handpieces requires maintenance and/or repair, we here at Hughes Dental Repair are standing by to assist you.


All Sirona dental handpieces are designed to have the highest level of quality in ergonomics. The best products are considered to be ergonomic when it is not possible to feel the product during use. The highly durable dental handpieces have a high level of durability and lie perfectly within your hands when performing dental procedures on your patients. As a result, the brand guarantees lasting and highly precise results. The design flows and the units are covered in sleeves that are constructed of the absolute lightest titanium. This will allow you to perform procedures in a relaxed manner and will result in absolutely no fatigue. Inside each of the Sirona dental handpieces, the ball bearings are coated with a special carbon that is diamond-like, as far as its property is concerned. As a result, each handpiece is considered to be exceptionally durable and highly resistant. Furthermore, the instruments have an integrated stop that offers anti-retraction in order to achieve perfection in hygienic preparation. Should any of these parts require regular maintenance or repair, we here at Hughes Dental Repair are certified to do the work and offer the best prices to our clients!

Functionality and Reliability

When working with Sirona dental handpieces in your practice, you will immediately notice that the instruments display a high level of functionality and reliability. The combination of the lightweight titanium steel, the exceptionally robust ball bearings, and the stable grip offered by each of the handpieces produced by Sirona provide optimal results, time and time again. Regardless of what procedure you must perform in your dental practice, you will find that these dental handpieces are the most practical and exhibit the highest level of functionality. When it comes to reliability, Sirona dental handpieces are the highest-rated in the industry. For that reason, it is imperative to trust the highest-rated dental handpiece repair services to handle your Sirona dental handpieces when it comes to maintenance and repair. Hughes handpiece repair services have been considered to be the highest-rated dental handpiece repair experts since the early 1990s! Hughes is Sirona factory trained and utilize only original Sirona parts. Be sure to visit us for the conclusion to this informative guide on Sirona dental handpieces. For more information on our services and products, visit us today at:

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