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Expected Dental Industry Trends for 2023

Now that 2022 is on its way out, we must look toward 2023. This is especially true in terms of the expected dental trends that will occur throughout the upcoming year. As a dental professional, we are sure that you have found 2022 to be a highly intriguing year. Offices across the nation saw a large influx of patients – more so than in previous years – as most were returning after the shutdown to receive dental care.

Many invited this transition from no patients; however, there were many practices that found themselves bogged down. The key to success in any dental practice is to know what to expect. Here, we will outline what is expected to occur in the industry throughout 2023.

Dental Trends

Convenience is In Demand

Since the COVID surge and the associated lockdown, convenience has been placed as a high priority among consumers. Those same consumers are your patients. More than ever before, consumers are making a lot of purchases online. Appointments can now be conducted through voice chat telehealth services. Information is sought through the click of buttons. The demand for convenience will continue to grow – even in the dental industry. This is one of the top trends of 2023 for the dental industry. To meet the demand, your dental practice should place an emphasis on the following:

  1. Create an online presence that is highly robust and offers a high level of convenience. For example, allow patients to set up appointments through your website. Provide a means for check-in prior to arriving for their appointment. For certain types of appointments, allow patients to sign up for telehealth visits. Also, provide a comprehensive database of information that patients may access to learn about conditions and situations that impact dental health.
  2. Improve the overall customer experience. Ways to succeed at this endeavor include frequent communication, entertaining waiting rooms, entertaining patient rooms, taking steps to reduce patient anxiety, and striving to cultivate solid relationships with your patients.
  3. Finally, offer your patients the ability to have same-day appointments. Just as an example, some patients may wake up with a highly uncomfortable tooth infection. Why make them wait? Offer certain services on the same day and you are sure to be a hit among your patients!

Creative Payment Solutions

For years, it always comes down to what a patient’s insurance will cover and what it will not. Many patients do without care because they cannot afford the services upfront if their insurance does not provide coverage. In these situations, patients will typically walk away from the practice and learn ways to cope with whatever it is that they are experiencing.

The 2023 dental trend will be more flexible patient payment options. Provide a payment system that is affordable or a dental membership plan. Allow patients to finance their care. Provide discounts for referrals. There are many creative ways that you may set up payment solutions for your patients. Get started today!

Be Unique

Most dental practices offer the same treatments and services as other dental practices. In 2023, though, patients are going to be in search of those that offer unique treatments and services. What differentiates your dental practice from the others? Perhaps you offer kid-friendly services or care for those that have high levels of anxiety when it comes to dentists. Maybe you are known for your inexpensive alternative solutions to dental care.

Zoom in on what makes you different and broadcast that. Be creative! New and unique is now the most effective means of attracting and keeping patients! People are bored with the same old thing. It is time to set yourself apart. In doing so, you will find that you experience high levels of success!

As you can see, many unique dental trends are expected in 2023. These include catering to the convenience of your patients, developing creative payment solutions, and placing an emphasis on what makes YOUR practice unique – different from all of the rest. If you want to achieve high levels of success in the upcoming year, it is going to take a little work. The time to start is NOW.

Hughes Dental offers many solutions for dental handpieces and other instruments that you use in your practice. While you are creating your new business plan for 2023, send in your handpieces to get ready for the new year. We will inspect, clean, and perform any necessary maintenance required. If you are going to make some changes to welcome in 2023, your dental instruments will need to be ready for that large influx of patients! Contact us now to learn more by calling: 1-800-773-0800

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